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  1. Hello. Hopefully this is the right area to post my question. I have the Line 6 UX-1 interface that worked flawlessly with my Windows pc many years ago. Recently I was given a Chromebook. I was wondering if the UX-1 would work with it via the USB connection. And if so, does anyone know if I could use the Chromebook as basic and DAW ? Or as a MIDI sound module ? Thanks for any help that you may provide.
  2. Hello. I’m hoping to find an answer about connecting my Roland GR-20 guitar synth to my POD 2.0 via MIDI. I read that the Roland can be connected to a MIDI Multi Effects unit to add more sonic options. When I Googled “MIDI Multiple Effects Unit” a lot of guitar processors came up. The M5 being listed pretty frequently. I never fully understood MIDI and to be honest I still don’t. I know that years ago I bounced tones to the POD after downloading them from my computer but the Line 6 software made it super simple to do. The patches in the GR-20 allow minimal editing. I’m looking to be able to plug the Roland into something (preferably a Line 6 product) to get as close as possible to get a sound like the synths Rush used for “Witch Hunt”, “Subdivisions”, etc.. If I can’t get those sounds then I’d like to be able to expand the number of tones that I get with the GR-20. Thanks for looking at my long post.
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