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  1. Hello all. Hopefully someone can provide some guidance. I don’t have any sound at all through my headphones in either the UX-1 or the jack on my laptop. I tried 2 different sets of headphones to make sure that it wasn’t a defective headphone. I have both 1/4” outputs running to it’s own amp for both the Left and Right and they are fine. I have Input signal from the UX-1 into the DAW (Tracktion 2) with no issues. After a few years of not having the time to do much more than noodle around on a guitar a few times a week, I wanted to recreate the DAW that I was used to so that I could avoid any learning curve. I purchased an older laptop running Windows 7 back in March. The UX—1 (the only original hardware that I had left) worked perfectly with the DAW. Headphone monitoring on the UX—1 was fine and the headphone jack on the laptop worked as it should. I even ran a 1/8” plug -> RCA plugs -> Monitors from the headphone jack on the laptop and that worked. Here is where the problem started. I purchased a Korg nanoKontrol control surface. (Again, due to my having it previously and remembering that it installed and mapped easily). Installing the control surface this time was a monumental pain in the —-. I finally got Tracktion to see it and allow me to map it and it works great. But at a price. No headphone monitoring at all. Initially I didn’t think that it was the end of the world. I put my little system together mainly to loop a drum track, record a few measures of bass on a 2nd track, synths or something on the 3rd, etc. etc.. , loop everything in a mix. Then play the whole thing back to jam over. I have an output that goes to a Morley A/B switch. One output goes to an amp, the other to the UX-1. This way if I’m playing, I can just step on a button to send the signal to the DAW and press 1 button on the Korg to record my playing on it’s own track. I notices last night when trying record a bass track that for me it’s difficult without monitoring with headphones. Pertinent Things. Laptop running Windows 7. Headphone and headphone jacks worked without issue prior to installing the control surface. Using Tracktion 2 as my DAW. I have the UX-1 set as my laptops soundcard. I should also mention that if I open Tracktion, there is no input signal at all. I have to open the Pod Farm application and then open Tracktion to have input signal. I apologize for the length of this message. I wanted to provide as much information as possible.
  2. Hello everyone. I have an issue that hopefully is an easy fix that I’m missing. I have the UX-1 interface using Tracktion on a laptop running Windows 7. I installed the UX-1 months ago and had minimal issues. I used each of the 1/4” TRS outputs, running the L/R channels’s to it’s own amp and the headphones coming out of the UX-1 worked. Soon after, I purchased the Korg nanoKontrol control surface. This gave me a hard time installing. Admittedly I was trying all different kinds of settings to get it to work. Finally I got Tracktion to recognize the control surface AND allow me to have signal input from the UX-1. However I no longer have any signal coming out of the headphone jack on the UX-1 or the headphone jack on the laptop. I tried several sets of headphones to make sure that they weren’t the problem. I do know that the UX-1 is set as my laptop’s soundcard. Someone please tell me that I need to either check or uncheck something somewhere to be able to be able to run the outputs to my amp and have headphone monitoring. Thanks for any help that you can provide.
  3. Hello. Hopefully this is the right area to post my question. I have the Line 6 UX-1 interface that worked flawlessly with my Windows pc many years ago. Recently I was given a Chromebook. I was wondering if the UX-1 would work with it via the USB connection. And if so, does anyone know if I could use the Chromebook as basic and DAW ? Or as a MIDI sound module ? Thanks for any help that you may provide.
  4. Hello. I’m hoping to find an answer about connecting my Roland GR-20 guitar synth to my POD 2.0 via MIDI. I read that the Roland can be connected to a MIDI Multi Effects unit to add more sonic options. When I Googled “MIDI Multiple Effects Unit” a lot of guitar processors came up. The M5 being listed pretty frequently. I never fully understood MIDI and to be honest I still don’t. I know that years ago I bounced tones to the POD after downloading them from my computer but the Line 6 software made it super simple to do. The patches in the GR-20 allow minimal editing. I’m looking to be able to plug the Roland into something (preferably a Line 6 product) to get as close as possible to get a sound like the synths Rush used for “Witch Hunt”, “Subdivisions”, etc.. If I can’t get those sounds then I’d like to be able to expand the number of tones that I get with the GR-20. Thanks for looking at my long post.
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