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  1. Would that be an issue?? I'm looking to pick up a Relay wireless unit such as the G30 / G50 / G55 in the near future (and at a push maybe the G90.....) to implement into a rack setup; the smaller units would likely be velcro'd to my metal shelf.... Also, it looks like supplying them with power may be an issue! I'll pick up a VoodooLabs power supply such as the PP2+ or Digital (but what is the minimum current required to power the Relay units without dropouts (I've read of users getting away with just 250mA just fine but would be hoping to get away with 200mA using a current-doubler cable! As I also have a power-hungry Eventide H9 Max to power....!) Could a G90 be powered from the 240v 'thru' IEC "courtesy outlet" on the VL PP2+ ?! Ideally I want a smaller one such as the G55 though; it might boil down to price however....
  2. Just wondering what the minimum mA required for a Line6 wireless unit is without any issues / dropouts ...? Found a .pdf document of the Relay 'family' and the lowest requirement appears to be 300mA but I've read of people getting away with powering their units with just 250mA and no issues?! Could I somehow get away with 200mA of current?!
  3. And why is the new 'G75' BIGGER THAN MY HOUSE and not rack-sized instead?!?
  4. Basically, if I go with the PP2+ the H9 max will require outputs 5&6 with a current doubling cable of the power bank (to draw enough current...) leaving the option of 2 other 100mA outputs (so 200mA with another current doubling cables) to power a Line6 Relay Wireless kit.... If I go with the VL Digital there should be plenty of current for both H9 max and any Relay wireless kit. Though there are pros and cons to each VL power bank... The PP2+ having other (more) spare DC outputs and a 240v thru "IEC courtesy outlet" (200w max.... Wondering if this might power the G90 actually....) and no fan. The Digital is more compact and also lighter but has a fan... And would have less spare DC outputs for expansion. Also no "IEC courtesy outlet" for potential expansion...
  5. Can anyone be absolutely clear about what current the following Relay wireless receivers require: G30 G50 G55 G90 I've read differing results from different power supplies.... I'm aiming to power from a VoodooLabs power bank (either the PP2+ or Digital) as I wish to power an Eventide H9 Max from the same power bank simultaneously (high current draw also...) obviously I don't want to experience dropouts so will have to purchase current doubling cables but need to know which wireless units I can look at/purchase that will operate in this particular setup....
  6. Subscribed.... I'd also like to know of any solution to this. And furthermore, wonder why it wasn't designed & built with an IEC socket (like the G90) as well as a 9V barrel socket considering it is intended for rack setups as well as "amp top".
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