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    LCD display washout

    Hi. I picked up a Vetta II combo as a backup and it works fine except the LCD display washes out after 10 minutes or so. I messed around with the display settings, but no dice. Anybody experience this? My guess is that it's a heat issue and was thinking of putting a CPU fan on it.
  2. I held off for years on the Armin mods, but caved in and bought them about 3 months ago. I only wish I did it sooner. I'm getting the best sound out of this thing that I ever did. I tried EQing for years, but was never completely satisfied with the Vetta, but it sounds fantastic with Armin mods. I've been using Armin cab 06 almost exclusively and it sounds very open and natural. I saved my old presets to the "factory" side and keep the Armin modded presets on the user side. Night and Day difference when A/Bing them. I'm so happy with it that I just bought another Vetta as a back up. I'm selling my Marshall 2x12, Egnater Tweaker and Blackstar HT1. As big and loud as the Vetta is, it is also by far the best bedroom amp I've come across. I've been running it in stereo to two 1x12 cabs about 8' apart with using two different amp models and double tracker. It just sounds incredibly huge. The 'real' amp naming is just the icing on the cake.
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