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  1. Hi Wicker_man, I had my L2t with Thomann in May for the fan replacement & received it back beginning of June - the fan replacement has fixed the fan rattle ... I did point out both problems (fan rattle & sizzling noise) to the customer service and assume they probably have replaced something in the amp section as well as the sizzling noise was gone on return of the unit. They didn't mention anything regarding this on the return receipt, but as this problem was gone as well I haven't bothered asking for details. Definitively get the fan replacement (I heard it is a problem on some L3t's as well) & mention the sizzling noise - it may be a amp section (pre or power) problem as well which needs replacing ... Cheers, Wolf
  2. Hi, You bought an amp with 'Armin's toolkit' installed - more info see following link: http://www.soundside.de/shop/VettaToolkit2.5.htm I have a combo & also took the plunge end of last year & installed the toolkit & have to say it gives you plenty of more options with regards to really great sound cab simulations - I replaced 60 - 70% of my patches and really liking it ... Here is what the website says: Upgrade your Vetta's sound options dramatically! Get a full-out aggressive, punchy, awesome clean, sweet crunchy, smooth Vetta. 27 totally new sound improved CAB models Display all the real amp & other model names on the Vetta display Your name will be shown on the system display (Thief protection) This version includes all Vetta upgrades/addons in one convenient and easy to install package. Double of triple your sound options for only 5% of the Vetta price ! Get the CompleteVettaToolkit2.5 for only $69.99! All the Best, Wolf
  3. Hi all, My L2t had the dreaded fan rattle issue ... I had it repaired through Thomann & their authorized Line 6 repair centre (Beats+ Bytes) ... it arrived yesterday ... had a chance to test it last night & voila - the rattle is GONE ... very happy customer :D :D Well done Line 6!!! Cheers, Wolf
  4. Hi all, My L2t had the dreaded fan rattle issue ... I had it repaired through Thomann & their authorized Line 6 repair centre (Beats+ Bytes) ... it arrived yesterday ... had a chance to test it last night & voila - the rattle is GONE ... very happy customer :D :D Well done Line 6!!! Cheers, Wolf
  5. ... same here: I received a notice from Thomann last Friday that they have sent back my L2t after fan replacement :D ... Very much looking forward to a 'rattle-free' performance :) Wolf
  6. Hi, I'm using my Vetta II combo with my JTV-69 & JTV-59 (previously V700) since end of 2011 for all larger venue gigs & recording & a JTV/HD500X/L2t (or straight into PA) combo for the 'small cutlery' gigs ... Most of the time I'm playing in a Latin-Jazz duo using acoustic patches on all the Bossa Nova tunes. Although I can dial in very natural sounding acoustic patches with the HD500X/L2t combo, for the acoustic sounds my Vetta still sounds a tick more natural to my ears :) You can indeed save JTV models with each of the Vetta patches, but it doesn't allow you to save JTV tunings with Vetta patches ... these you have 'manually' post-dial on the JTV ... Hope that helps :) Cheers, Wolf
  7. Hi dboomer, Haven't tried to play back recorded music through the L2t, but have connected my JTV-69 direct through the mixer channel with unfortunately the exact same result - the sizzling/crackling noise in the decay phase ... will try the recorded music later & will report back ... Wolf
  8. Hi guys, I bought a L2t about a good 1 month ago which I use with my Pod HD500X for my 'small cutlery' gigs ... unfortunately, the L2t suffers from the same 'fan rattle' as being discussed in the forum over the last weeks ... I did already replace a first L2t with the same problem, only to find the same problem with the replacement .... I already did talk to the helpful UK support team & am waiting patiently for the solution. But, this is not necessarily why I'm posting now: Over the last few days I detected an additional, equally annoying problem with my L2t ... it developed (maybe it was there already previously - less prominent though) - a 'sizzling/crackling' noise from the speaker (not the horn?) on guitar chords ringing out. I appended a short mp3-file (the quality is not the best - recorded through my phone) to demonstrate what I'm experiencing ... Does anyone have/had the same problem before? To me it doesn't sound like the speaker is blown otherwise it get a clear attack to start with - it is only noticeable on the decay or ringin out of the chords ... Any suggestions are greatly welcome? Thanks guys. Wolf 2014-05-02_08-14.mp3
  9. Hi funkykitten, You experience the exact same problem I'm having ever since I moved to v2.0 (which I apart from this annoying oddity overall prefer to v1.9) ... I just copied & pasted the comments I made back in October last year in another thread on that topic: That's interesting ... I'm experiencing something very similar to what you describe there - again ever since switching to 2.0 (never experienced that with 1.9) ... But I would describe it as a 'static load' noise ... I'm using a mixture of fingerpicking & plectrum & it happens using both methods. No consistently though (hence my description of 'static load' noise), i.e. every couple of notes picked or plugged using mainly the Jazzbox position 3 I can hear a noise as if a string touches the top of the pole-piece of a pickup (think of pressing the low E string of a Strat against the pole-piece of the neck pickup amplified) ... not as pronounced, but certainly enough to annoy! It seems to be mainly the Jazzbox & Semi models (haven't found it in any other models). Unfortunate as the Jazzbox 3 is one of my mail patches to use :o( Anyone experiencing something similar? Line 6, something you are aware of? Cheers, Wolf
  10. Hi, I'm using Elixier nanoweb 011 - 049 on my JTV59 & JTV69 and all of my other guitars (Strat, Tele) & found these strings to be the most balanced (right amount of roundness, right amount of brightness) & long living solution I ever tried ... I have other 'coated' & 'non-coated' strings, but none gives me the same result ... ... and yes, different string brands (even of the same gauge) made a noticeable difference in sound & feel on both JTV's & 'conventional' guitars :) ... Cheers, Wolf
  11. ... my Vetta II combo. Honestly, with a: - free configurable FX loop for my external looper (Boomerang III) & - VDI connection for my JTV's - HD models of the HD500X & some of the great sounding Vetta II models (with 'Armin's' cabs ;) ....) --- this would be the first time in the last 10 years (the time I'm exclusively using my Vetta II combo - apart from my HD500X which I use for the 'small cutlery' gigs, like restaurants/bars etc) there I would really consider changing amps ... None of the existing Line 6 solutions - I tried most of them - so far could convince me so far to change, mostly because of the compactness, one unit, consistently great sounding gigging/recording device - a couple of the reasons why I was never really fuzzed about Axe Fx etc - haven't tried a KPA yet though ... From what I heard so far (Anderton's video etc) this unit sounds great & has the potential - once the above mentioned features are integrated!! - to be a serious contender to the all DSP amp market (IMHO!) ... Well, Line 6 - food for thought ... maybe ... :) Cheers, Wolf
  12. Thanks for your replies guys, I finally took the plunge & have ordered the toolkit from soundside.de about 2 weeks back & have to say after playing with the different cab options I swapped about a good 70% of my cabs with the Armin cabs ... not all of the cabs (there are 27 in addition to the L6 cabs) are useable for my patches, but the 5 or 6 I chose (so far) sound definitively more open, 'thicker', rounded/organic & balanced through the speakers & headphones on my Vetta II combo. I'm using my VII combo for a good 8 years & so far was happy with most of the sounds I'm getting from the unit & was just curious to try the toolkit after stumbling several times in the last years across this Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyd8fClzHxM ... and I have to say I'm liking these additional cabs a lot ... though I'm using comparable (to my ears) 'cab sounds' to the one's I was using in my patches beforehand, all patches with these 'Armin equivalents' sounds more 'rounded' & open (can't think of better words for it) ... don't know what Armin based 'his' cabs on, but they 'make sense' to me & are a nice addition to the existing cab options. Having the 'real' names for amps, cabs & wha's showing on the display is a nice option, but certainly not essential for me. Wolf
  13. Hi, Does any of you remaining Vetta users have/had/having experience with 'Armins mod'? Would you care to share your views, experience, advice etc.? Thanks in advance & A Merry Christmas to you :) Wolf
  14. Many thanks again guys - much appreciated :) Wolf
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