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  1. I also have this same problem and it drives me nuts. Why do we have to constantly log in to the app from the same device used? Seems ridiculous.
  2. I currently own a amplifi 150 and am looking at buying either the TT or FX100 to travel with and/or take to lessons. I don't plan to gig with it for now. With looking at both, the pedal seems to offer everything and more than the TT, so I'm curious to know if I'm missing something with the TT? For $50 more, you get a pedal and ability to use the bank switches. So, just want to open this up to discussion before I buy. Any reason to get the TT when the pedal is not much more and offers bank switching and a pedal? I've had my 150 for over a year, and it's been rock solid and has changed the way I play and learn, loving it!
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