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  1. Just wondering if you guys from Line 6 have a solution to why the battery in my Variax 69s is only lasting one hour and not 10-12 hours as it should. As far as I know the battery charges nomally. What is most likely a faulty battery or guitar. The battery drains in the guitar if the modelling position is on or not in use. Love the guitar but not with a faulty battery. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Urber Guru, I don't see why Line 6 can't figure out how to make the tone controls work on blue-streamed music as well. Could be another selling point for this awesome amp. Mabey they can add this to Amplifi's next software update. I tested to crank up the bass in both iTunes and Spotify (settings - equalizer) add it did help alot. The Amplifi 75 Amp sounds great now!
  3. I'm a new owner av an Amplifi 75. Awesome amp with endless tones but I have two guestions. - How can I turn off the tones (4 saved tones) in the amp and just use the knobs on top to find my tones manually? - Is it not possible to adjust the bass and trebble to get a better sound when using the amp as a blureooth stereo with my iPad? It would be great when playing loud with some background tunes to give the music more puch. Does the Amplifi 150 have alot more bass the my 75? Thanks guys!
  4. Hi guys, I have had my Variax 69s for two weeks now and I have the same problem with charging the battery. No matter how long i charge the batteri (10, 15 or 20 hours) the batteri only will last for about one hour in the guitar. This is not close to the 10 hours that Line 6 states battery life should be. The battery charges with a solid red light and flashes when the fully charged. What is the solution? Thanks!
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