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  1. I'll keep my firehawk as a backup, but Zoom G5N sounds really good. Guitar Gibson 2016 Les Paul 50s Tribute - Satin Goldtop Sim Ibanez TS808 + Marshall 1959 SUPER LEAD 100 into a simple Peavey Bandit power amp...recorded through smartphone. https://soundcloud.com/maurizio-gramolini/calling-card-short-rory-galllagher
  2. Some example of my Firehawk FX Live. Setup was: - no PA for instruments, but only for voices (a small mixer and two Behringer Active speakers for 1500 watts total), so what you hear come just from my cab, bass amp cab and drums acoustic without mics. - my rig is american Peavey EVH Special (produced in 1999) into Firehawk FX into Harley Benton GPA-400 solid state power amp 400 watts, into Harley Benton G212 vintage (2x12 celestion V30) - presets used are one for rhythm and one for lead - preset is the same apart from 4db more volume and more echo feedback on lead one - amp sim for both is HD AMP Solo 100 Clean (Soldano SLO Clean channel) + Cab 4x12 Brit T75 + Stomp Classic Distortion+reverb and delay - Firehawk on board Wha - Firehawk FX Output mode: LINE. ...sounds good to me. Forgive and forget my sloppy playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFdqnHPNhTQ - Rory Gallagher Calling Card https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAyS8NT5eZE - Hendrix - Come on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eofHZVm2Ndo Rory Gallagher When my baby she left me.
  3. Simulating tube amps suggest to crank volume to obtain best tone. For example using Soldano SLO clean emulation + classic distortion (SOLO 100 clean on FHFX) I set volume @ 57% and master @ 35% for rhythm and I have another preset for lead, same amp + classic distortion with volume 80% and master 77% . Overall output allows plenty of volume to boost in case of need.
  4. My experience: I bought Firehawk FX and liked it very much. Never had a single issue and worked on some preset which gave me great tones. My setup is simple: FHFX into Harley Benton GPA-400 solid state 400 watts power amp, into 2x12 V30 guitar cab, switch on line out, cab simulation on, and to my ears, in to my band's buddies ears, sound great. So out of curiosity I bought PD 500hdx out of a great deal, and I started a comparison one to one. To me FHFX sounds better. I exact same settings with amp Soldano SLO clean channel + tube screamer and the two units sounded very very different, to me FHFX much better. I did the same for all my presets and the results was the same: the two units sounded very very different.
  5. Hi, I need a spare one. Can someone tell me Firehawk FX Power supply specifications? Thanks
  6. This is Firehawk into el34 power amp into Harley benton G212 vintage cab. Line out and cab engaged. On crunch sound I lower guitar volume to clean
  7. By the way, I'm using Firehawk with cabs engaged even if using it in a power amp to guitar cab. To me it sounds much better than all settings without cab. What do you think? Am I crazy?
  8. Tried both (FRFR and power amp) and both sound good. But....oh boy....power amp and guitar cab it's really really impressive, In 10 minutes I selected Soldano SLO clean plus Tubescreamer for crunch sound, same preset + delay and higher volume for solos, Roland Jazz Chorus with chorus, phaser and delay and I was ready to go. Sounds like thunder. Fantastic choice, nice one Line 6!!!!
  9. Many thanks. I already tried the FRFR path (Digitech RP1000), I still own a powered monitor, but I really don't like it. On the contrary using the RP1000 both into a solid state or tube amp and guitar cab, I obtained great sounds. I read that Reactance control, which emulates tubes power stage, if set to zero reduces at minimum this emulation. So I think I'll go this way. I'll keep you updated on results. Many thanks.
  10. I need some explanation on preset management. I'll receive my firehawk in a few days. - can I tweak an existing preset, for example Bank 1 pos. A - HD Rhythm, save to it Bank 30 pos. A renaming it as HD Rh user? - having created this new preset called HD Rh user can I save it (without modification) not only to Bank 30 pos. A but to Bank 31 pos. A and Bank 32 pos. A? Many thanks Maurizio
  11. Does exists a PC interface connecting the USB cable to manage device presets and configuration? Can I change parameters without using the remote app? Thanks
  12. hI, i'm considering buying the Firehawk FX ti be used in connection with a Rocktron Velocity 300 and a Harley Benton G212 Vintage. Someone has already experienced a similar set up? Pro and Con? Thanks
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