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  1. Hey dude, Sorry for a very late reply, I haven't been on the forum for a while! Looks like I haven't saved the patch that I was tweaking, at least I can't find it anywhere on my PC. But what I used for it was a factory preset called UBER WET, I believe that all I changed in it was delay time setting to something close to 550ms and CAVE reverb instead of PLATE. Wah that I used was a dunlop zw45 pedal. Hope this helps and sorry I can't get you anymore info!
  2. Hey guys, Slowly discovering all the goodies that come with hd500x :D Here's a short video in which I'm using a combination of factory and customtone patches, slightly tweaked to my personal taste. Very happy with the initial result, but thinking that the best is yet to come
  3. Pretty confusing, but thx for clearing that, The Real Zap. Shame it doesn't say clearly that it only has the pod farm 1 license though, would've saved me time trying to sort it out, taking pics, uploading posting etc. Anyway, thanks again! EDIT: registered Feb this year, and YES to both questions. EDIT 2: when saying 'used gearbox for years' I meant using it with GX I had before, owning UX1 from Feb 2013.
  4. @Triryche - it is a POD studio UX1 with black facia. In pic no. 1 pod farm 2 says: "Pod farm 2 has found a valid license on your UX1, but you need to run the Line 6 License Manager to allow Pod Farm 2 to be run on this computer with your UX1 (no additional purchase is necessary)" So it seems like I'm already entitled to use pod farm 2 free of charge. @BigChas52 - yes, it is registered, everything works like a charm with gearbox.
  5. Hey guys, After using gearbox for years I've decided to give pod farm a try. After downloading, installing and updating everything in monkey I went to pod farm and here's what I saw: Easy peasy I thought, launched the manager and I had this: No pod farm 2 license on the list. I thought it needs to be deauthorized and authorized again(which I did), during the process I had this: As you can see in last two pics pod farm 2 has appeared on the list of my add ons, but after I clicked INSTALL it went back to pic no. 2 - pod farm 1 only. What am I doing wrong here? Do I actually have that license or not? Appreciate any help here!
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