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  1. One is in being repaired under warranty...the other just started Doing the same. . Channel 1 with acoustic modeling on . So the other will be going in aswell.
  2. Secret information....I was asked not to disclose any information...leave it at that. I would like the upgrade ...no serial number, Spock black beta #32 on case
  3. I can't register with no serial number. I was thinking I would like to get the upgrade done.!
  4. I'm thinking I have to get both lt3 repaired now... Like a popping noise going on . When instrument plugged into channel 1 accoustic modeling. Guitar. The other one is in and 2nd one just started doing the same thing.. there seams to be a loss of volume aswell. Noise buttons I usually keep on. Any suggestions would be great. I find it odd. I love these but now im worried. I have a warrenty at least.on both I is at long and mquade Victoria. I have no registered these yet.
  5. I would like to trade a mint Mesa Boogie Roadster 2x12 with floor board for a DT series combo /hd500
  6. I want to also try mic set up and variax control from hd500 . Just want to keep Mesa natural sound most of the time . The same as if were just plugging my guitar into Mesa amp combo. Is this going to be achievable using a pox hd500x?
  7. I want to go variax to podhd500 output to guitar in of Mesa dc10 fx loop in out from hd500 to Mesa dc10 . I really don't want any amp modelling of the pod hd500 but I do want to use chorus .delay comp boost wha and volume . And Mabey the tube screamer once in a while, so can I route the wha tube screamer compression to front and chorus delay volume pedal in post through the loop? I want my dc10 natural sounding most of the time. No amp models . I love the modelling but not as much as the amp head itself. I couldn't find any info when researching this so. Thankyou I have a pod x3 but it packing it in so I just use it for recording.
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