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  1. Thanks for the input. I'm comforted to know that everything works as it should (although not ideally how I'd like!). The 2T is new, the 2M is used, just glad to know neither is a lemon. This system will be fine solo plugging the HD into the Line In, 12 string and mic into the mixer. For the rare times I'd use it in the duet, we can use 2 mics in the mixer and each of us use the Line In on the T and M. In both cases, I'd use the Link6 ins and outs between the speakers.
  2. kevinhpp - thanks for the post. I posted similar issue on Live Sound Forum. I can't help you, but seeing your post tells me my problem is not unique and not a bad unit, just bad design. I ran Variax VDI to HD500X, then Link6 into L2T, then Link6 into L2M and had the same problem. Plug guitar/mic into the L2T mixer and get nothing in the L2M, but when I unplug the 500X, get sound from both speakers. Work arounds are fine (500X into the Line input or the XLR inputs) but kinda defeats the whole concept of the L6 system - like plugging a Variax into the POD/HD/Helix 1/4 guitar jack instead of the VDI, still works, but you lose the model switching that the VDI provides.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I know there are work arounds. I can plug the acoustic into the HD's guitar input and not use the mixer (I add a 12 string acoustic when solo - have never liked the variax models). But if I want to plug a mic into the mixer, if my HD is "Linked", I lose the L2M side. I can't loop back from the M (and shouldn't have to as the signal is only going one way right - everything goes into the 2T and sent to the 2M), because my HD is using one input, the send to the 2M uses the other. The easiest work around is to send the HD out a 1/4 inch plug and not the L6, but that seems to defeat the whole reason the L6 system was made, to seamlessly link all these proprietary tools together.
  4. Wondering if my problem is with the gear or design. Here's my set up: JTV (VDI) --> HD500X (L6) --> L2T (L6) --> L2M With that, everything works fine, both speakers engaged, etc. However when I plug an acoustic into the L2T mixer, it only comes out of the L2T, not out the L2M. If I unplug the POD, then both speakers work with the acoustic through the mixer. Plug the POD back in, the M drops off. Is this an issues with the system, or is my M or T not working right?
  5. If I use the L6 Link with my JTV-59 into my HD500X into the L2T to change modes (Reference, acoustic guitar, electric guitar), what affect will it have on the Line 1-2 inputs. If the speaker automatically changes the quality of the sound to match the guitar being played, will it change the quality of the vocal output and the same time?
  6. I tried using one of the older Variax Power Supply A/B boxes and a starting point, but couldn't get it to work - don't have enough electronic know-how to know what wires in the CAT-5 should be sent for power (I had a schematic somewhere that showed what each of the 8 wires were assigned to) so I couldn't get it to swap the power from one line to the other, so I gave up. Never wanted it to run 2 guitars at once, just be able to switch between the two. Actually had the same idea about 10 years ago when I was bringing 2 AX2's to gigs and wanted to be able to A/B the foot pedal. Maybe someone will build one.
  7. Thanks for the reply - yeah I can power the VAX 700 with the power supply, but yes, then I lose the PODs ability to change the guitar models. I have separate presets in the all three of my PODs for the JTV, the VAX 700 and my original Vax 500 electric (which is now just my rehearsal guitar). I would want to be able to A/B between the guitars and switch to the presets for that guitar without having to unplug one VDI from the POD and plug in another. This should have been a no brainer option when L6 originally came out with the acoustic to pair with the electric since it had more acoustic models than the electric and you couldn't share between guitars (I would love to be able to move the Nylon and Maccaferri models into the JTV). At this point my only real option is to use the HD 500X for one and the X3 for the other. Just complicates things for my live setup. I already have the POD, I use my Boomerang looper though the FX send/return (the 500X is okay, but not nearly as seamless as the Boomerang). If I added another POD, then I have to send both pedals out to mixer, then send that signal through the Boomerang and back to the PA, so adds two more peices of gear and more potential for signal chain errors/issues.
  8. Thought I'd throw this out again - asked years before. I use my JTV-59 through HD 500X for performance. While the acoustic models are fine and used, I would like to take advantage of the models on my Vax 700 acoustic without having to bring an additional pedal (I still have the XTL and the X3). I could run it on battery or the power supply, but then I lose the model switching features of the pods. So now the question: Can Line 6 make one or does someone know of a secondary market version of an A/B box to allow me to switch between the two variaxes and just run one cable into the HD 500X
  9. Haven't seen a clear answer for this yet. I have JTV with HD 500x and am considering getting the LT system for solo performances. Since I'm not thrilled with the loop function limitation of the X compared to my Boomerang looper, I would see running a mic into Channel 1, the Boomerang into Channel 2 and the POD into the L6 link. Question: Does the L6 link from the POD change the LT cabinet to match the signal, for example a blackface, screamer and strat (changed to combo mode) or no amp and martin acoustic (changed to PA mode)?
  10. Second generation of the AMPLIFi now with a pedal board for performance application, but no VAX input! Is this foreshadowing that the Variax is on its way out?
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