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  1. Hello everybody. I own a POD XT Live with all the Model Packs. I also bought back in the day POD Farm 1, which I was using so far to open my pod xt tones inside a DAW. Recently I clean installed windows 10 and downloaded the newest line6 monkey, where there is not an option to download again pod farm 1, but the only option is to purchase pod farm 2.5. So, i looked in the line 6 software download and found the latest pod farm 1 version (v1.12) which i downloaded and installed. But here is the problem. There is no way to authenticate it, since there is not an option of pod farm 1 in the final line 6 monkey release. So, when I try to load a tone preset which uses one of the amps or effects from model packs, I hear a clean sound, like the program stops processing everything. Is there a solution to this problem? What should I do about it? Thank you. P.S. Of course I ran line 6 license manager and i checked that both my pod xt and PC are authorized. I also went to "my account" and i confirmed the model packs and POD Farm 1 in both "Purchase History" and "Software Add-ons" sections.
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