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  1. I have a Gibson Robot SG that is like an upgraded SG Standard. The tuners work fine; but my JTV Vax 69 is MUCH faster and easier to switch between songs. Of course, the G-Robot's advantage is that it really re-tunes your guitar just as you would normally retune any guitar. String tension changes just like manual changes.
  2. Always enjoy this forum and learn something. JThis is my 1st posting in the years of listening to our members. Had to finally join the discussion with my view. I really wish people would be more open-minded and objective with comparisons. Referring here to my JTV-69 (Korean) and Gibson "X" guitars. 1. Own '74 LP Custom since '74. Love it as "what an LP should be". Lots of wear on it from countless hrs playing in bands, ETC. --- and still an excellent instrument. 2. Bought original Vetta & FBV new around 10 yrs ago. Bought Variax 300 a bit after that. So then upgrades Vetta with digital interface to integrate with Variax. Make life more simple since hitting one switch on the FBV gave me changes on the guitar model, amp, cab, and effects ! That still works fine --- but only with my old Variax. 3. Bought JTV-69 Korean May '13 and just upgraded to version 2. Love the JTV with models PLUS mag Pups, alt. tuning, ETC. But have never been able to get it to be recognized by Vetta, or an HD500 I bought & returned. Bought new VDI cable, tried Cat5 cable, and tried everything discussed on the forums, VERY disappointing. But I did not try again with the Vax 2.0 upgrade. Fingers crossed it will FINALLY work. In the meantime, I added a Roland GK3 to the JTV plugged into a Roland GR-55. (Benn using Roland synths since analog days. I appreciate innovation AND traditional guitars.) VERY nice setup with the jTV Plus GR-55. But a little complicated since I need to change multiple "switches to get everything matched up. 4. Bought a Gibson Robot SG Special (silverburst with normal SG Standard bindings and, inlaid, carbon fibre pickguard and a great case). Very high quality guitar. Zero problems or flaws. Great player re: action and sound. Got it new for only $800 at Sam Ash 2 yrs ago as clearance plus unusual (for them) 20% off sale. Excellent USA made instrument & accessories!. Robot tuners work fine for standard & alternate tunings. But, yes, the JTV-69 is MUCH more convenient in selecting alternate tunings and I prefer not physically retuning; but, it does work. The JTV is also much more versatile and has high quality modeled instruments (especially with 2.0) . 5. Please compare USA made Variax with the G-LPX and I'd consider the prices about the SAME. Sweetwater really has the G-LPX, USA made, in stock (as of 8/18/13) for $ 2999. (with no sales tax and free shipping.) The LPX includes Bluetooth control using the included pedals. That makes switching guitars and effects as simple as my old Vax 300 with FBV & Vetta. Seriously considering selling some equipment & guitars to buy their LPX. Will DEFINITELY still keep the JTV which I consider a different personality, and great sounding with the 2.0 version models. Only wish it worked with my Vetta. BTW, has anyone had better luck connecting JTV to Vetta (or HD500 or 500X) using the new 2.0 software ??? OR, any ideas on what I should try next ? Thanks for listening.
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