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  1. Sorry but may be i miss something. For example, i'm playing the preset A on bank 1, so i choose the preset C on bank 3 with the app, i can play with this sound but the pedal is always on bank 1 preset A, that's right or the app is able to change the pedal display? Thanks
  2. I've the FX100 since 2 days and on my opinion it's very difficult to play with a band! Why using 2 buttons preset to change bank?..loosing everytime Can you imagine a update on amplifi remote to change the Fx bank For example, you are on bank 1 on the fx and you choose the preset B on the bank 4 on your phone, it's possible to imagine a double tap on the preset to change it on the fx and also get this real preset on the board (bank 4 and B selected)? Sorry for my bad english Thanks
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