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  1. could it be that you use phantom power on the board FOH?
  2. I think I discovered what is wrong. It turns out that Fs2 and Fs6 are not responding. During calibration you use Fs6 (as B) and the system notices an incomplete calibration. So it turns out to be a hardware problem, but not in the pedal. I will look for an solution. Thanks for the help!
  3. I don't think the sensor is dirty. during the calibration that Punkyboy describes (yes I used that one). in step 5 I can see all the values chaing from 0 to 255, so the pedal is working. but after step 6 I get an F instead of a P.
  4. Hi, I reset my POD hd500 (flash through line 6 monkey) and did the global settings reset (press left on nav pad during startup). Now I need to recalibrate the expression pedal. I start up pressing right on the nav pad and follow the procedure. but when I press D to save. It returns an F and not a P. After reboot the pedal is not working. I can see the values change during the process so it is not a hardware failure. please help!
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