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  1. Hi had my guitar repaired by Line6 becuse of a faulty board. Now that I have just received it, it still won't connect to my Pod HD500 with the ethernet cable. The cable is compatible and not crossover. Any ideas what else to try?
  2. Will take a better look at it, the other day I quickly inspected it but couldn't see anything weird. And yes, of course the plastic cover is missing. Already found myself trying to plug the cable in the wrong input, now i'm using the tip of the finger to find the right hole (pun intended). If the pins are all straight, what could be another solution? Replace the input/board? Alex
  3. Dear all, I hope you can help me: my Variax 700 is not recognized in any way by neither the x3live, hd500 or workbench. I just got this Variax 700 second hand, from a dude who was using it with a hd500, I went ahead and plugged it in my x3live with a ethernet cable (non crossover, used to connect to the house router) and nothing happened. Connected to a HD500, same story, nothing happened. Here's the tests I've done: 1. Connect guitar with regular guitar audio cable to the pedalboard (with battery in): works and plays 2. Connect guitar to x3/pod hd500 via ethernet cable, set inputs for the patch to "VARIAX": no sounds, pod does not show any messages that anything is connected 3. Connect guitar to pod hd500 via ethernet cable, connect pod with usb cable to laptop, run workbench HD: no instrument connected 4. Connect guitar to pod hd500 via ethernet cable, connect pod with usb cable to laptop, run workbench 1.75: no instrument connected Am I missing something? I tried with two different ethernet cables, but no luck. I'm starting to think the guitar ethernet/vdi connection is faulty. Any other test I could try?
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