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    Helix FAQ

    Thank you for your reply, much appreciated! C) You mean I can have a Send 1 block with no need for a return block? (as I can't get a return from the tuner, it doesn't let the signal go through)
  2. Nurn

    Helix FAQ

    I'm carefully reading this thread since a few weeks, and have preordered an Helix in my local store here in Belgium, but still some things are unclear with the input/outputs, even with the cheat sheet. Would it be possible to have the following: - a guitar connected to the "Guitar In", then a few effects, then split the path to have a few other effects sent only in the left 1/4" (connected to a mono tube amp), and a few other ones sent only in the right 1/4" output (connected to another mono tube amp, I use two tube amps on stage, an Orange and a Koch). - all this while having a few effects applied to a mic connected to the mic input and sent to the left XLR output - ... and I also have a Turbo Tuner ( that I like to have always On, but it can't be On and let the signal go through, so I'd also like to have an output that send the guitar signal (dry ideally) to the tuner (I have preordered the floor version, not the rack). - one last thing, if I can use an FX loop somewhere in the guitar signal, that would be nice in order to use a M5 while some of the effects in it have not make their way in the Helix (lo-res delay...) ... so, possible, and if yes, how would you do it? If @Digital_Igloo can answer that, thank you very much! :)
  3. Nurn

    Helix FAQ

    Thank you Digital_Igloo. Great for the EQ. Hope Lo Res Delay will be added in the future. A last question. Or a few last questions while we wait for the manual :) - Is it possible to have the expression pedal simulanously control several parameters of several blocks as it is possible in the M series? (for example the mix/feedback parameters of several delays) - Will most of the expression pedal be compatible with the Helix? (for example this one: - When we load a preset, if we don't move the expression pedal(s), what is the behaviour? Is the preset initialized with the last known value of the expression pedal, or is it loaded with the value when we saved the preset, and stays that way while we don't move the pedal? That was a problem with the M-series for me. I ended controlling the M13 via a Midi controller and having the expression pedal value manualy set at each program change. If it's still the case, is it still possible to set the expression pedal current value by MIDI signals? Again, thank you.
  4. Nurn

    Helix FAQ

    Also, is there some good EQ with a Q setting to achieve what we can do for example with a ParaAQ ( and have a really thin frequency range affected?
  5. Nurn

    Helix FAQ

    I'm currently using an M13 that I send into two amps (Orange Rocker 30 and Koch Twintone II). I'm considerating buying an Helix to replace my M13. I saw the effect list, and saw no mention of Lo Res Delay. Is there any equivalent to the M series Lo Res Delay in the Helix? Thank you for your answer.
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