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  1. Well, it is possible in some cases, not possible in some (if you're in 8 or 10 footswitches mode and need to jump to a non-adjacent preset, you can't in 1 press). So yeah, it kinda is...
  2. This is not what is talked right here. The Helix is *not* capable of assigning a preset change on any footswitch like most MIDI controllers would do. If you want to have something like: FS8: Klon FS9: Delay FS10: Jump to preset 4D FS11: Jump to preset 12A You just can't. Well, actually you can, but with a workaround that has been discussed on another thread since this one (MIDI cable between MIDI in and out of the Helix). For those of us used to control our rig with high-end MIDI controllers, not be able to customize our layout as we want on a preset basis is a step back. BUT it is possible anyway with the MIDI cable workaround, I just think IMHO that it should be something doable without this workaround :)
  3. Nurn

    Helix FAQ

    Don't think so. I don't have the device (yet), but I think that it won't be the case. But you just have to chain several parametric EQ to do the trick no?
  4. Nurn

    Helix FAQ
  5. Didn't see the first part (or the last part) of the message, happy to see I'm not too annoying with my questions :) My band is an experimental/noise/progressive band with long songs that may have a lot of parts in it. I often use the same base tone, but use a lot of different delays settings. And on stage, I don't like to have to "dance" with footswitches, so I have programmed my rig to have the less presses possible. It would have been nice to be able to do that kind of "high-end MIDI controller" stuff on the Helix, but as I must have a computer on stage anyway for other reasons, so I'll manage to do that with a software. In any case, the Helix will simplify my setup anyway (it will replace a Gordius Little Giant, a M13, and a few pedals because I was too limited in terms of number of effects in the M13). And as I will feed it into two amps (Orange & Koch), the fact to be able to have different effects sent into each amps plus add a few effects on my backing vocal mic will be a great improvement! Can't wait to receive it. Hopefully quickly enough as I go in studio end of december :)
  6. Having the possibility to have multiple message sent when pressing a footswitch. Thank you for the votes!
  7. Nurn

    Helix FAQ

    Can you guys please vote for this? Thank you!
  8. Done. Can you guys please vote for the idea?
  9. Thank you for your answer. A lot of MIDI controllers are doing that (Gordius Little GIant, RJM Music Mastermind, ...), and that's why currently I'm using one to control a M13, as the M13 didn't allow me to do a lot of these things. Simple things like activate a boost and start to record a loop at the same time (meaning with one click). If we could program a little more the Helix, that would really be the perfect portable all-in-one solution. For now I will get rid of my MIDI controller, but it's only because of either your workaround with the MIDI cable, either I will use it connected to a PC with Bome Midi Translator, that will allow me some more complicated MIDI programming. I understand the choices you have to made between simplicity and possibility. But as you seem to aim at the pro musicians, maybe a little more footswitch programming would be something to consider? You pitch the Helix as the center of our rig, but there's a lot of missing features for that. Just have a look at the Gordius Little Giant manual. THIS is a rig control center :) ... (EXP pedal reassignment, variables, timers, ...) (but it lacks scribbles) Also, another question, I remember having read something on that, but I can't manage to find it again: I know you can send several MIDI messages on preset change, but what about footswitches? Can a click on a footswitch send several messages? If yes, great. If no: 1/ Is it something planned in the future? 2/ Your workaround doesn't work if you need to set several parameters at the same time with different values. I will have to connect it to a PC to program having one signal received and several sent back.
  10. Nice workaround, thanks :) That's exactly what I need. But ideally it should be doable without a MIDI cable don't you think? Maybe in the future?
  11. +1 ... Maybe by having a switch send a program change? Can the Helix send itself a MIDI command?
  12. I thought that was a 1500$ products aimed at pros? If this is indeed the target, I don't see pros complaining about being able to tweak things a little more. I sure would not. In any good recent MIDI controller you can make your layout as you want, I'm disapointed it's not the case (at launch?) with the Helix.
  13. On the contrary, that's great news! I'm glad this is how the Helix handle this.
  14. OK, if I'm right in my two previous posts (I'm hoping not ^^), does this workaround would work: - having the delay feedback assigned to a midi controller (So it can respond to another MIDI-sending device, we can do that right?) - having the delay mix assigned to another midi controller - having switches sending a MIDI command to a PC with a MIDI software like Bome Midi Translator. Then, the PC sends back different values for the delay mix and feedback parameters. That's not ideal and seems to go against the Helix "ease of use" paradigm, but if that could work, I could live with it, and it stays easier than my actual setup! :) ...
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