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  1. kentano2000

    DT25 settings using DT Customizer

    So I just recently reacquired a DT25 (head this time; had a combo a few years back). When I connect it via midi to my MacBook pro (using the DT Customizer) I can't get it to do what I want. For example, when I am on channel A, Voice 1, when I change the Blackface Double to a Blackface Deluxe Vib on the Customizer, instead of staying on Voice 1 the amp automatically switches over to Voice 3, even if the Customizer is set to Voice 1. I don't ever remember having this problem with my combo when I used the iPhone Customizer app. What am I doing wrong? Is it me or is the Customizer not up to par? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. kentano2000

    Dt Customizer Question

    Yes, I understand that the former topology numbers become banks. How do I apply the default parameters to the amp models?
  3. kentano2000

    Dt Customizer Question

    Got it! Thanks again!
  4. kentano2000

    Dt Customizer Question

    Thank you Aggravation. So if I am hearing you correctly, the "Tight," "Loose," "Zero," and "Resonant" choices refer to the original topologies? Tight would be American Clean, Loose- British Crunch, Zero- British Chime, and Resonant- Modern High Gain? Of course I can then choose Class A or A/B and Pentode/Triode on top of that. Let me know and thanks again!
  5. kentano2000

    Dt Customizer Question

    I'm totally digging my DT 25! I'm using the customizer app to switch amp models and just thought of something. When switching the preamps, are they automatically paired with the correct topology? Or is there a way to match preamps with different topologies. And no, I'm not using a POD HD with my DT. Thanks!