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  1. I did delete the editor and re-downloaded the helix editor. That was the problem. Must have been a corrupt file. Thanks to everyone's input. It took awhile, I've been real busy, but through reading suggestions I was able to isolate the problem down to the editor. Thanks again everybody!
  2. I'm going to try redownloading the editor first. If that doesn't fix it I will open a support ticket. Thanks! Hopefully this will fix it. This is the one thing I haven't tried yet.
  3. Actually, I am a stickler about following directions to a tee when it comes to computers. Also, I have updated several times since I got the helix (which was right when it was released). This problem has only occurred with the last 2 firmware/editor updates. The last time I updated (2.12) I saved presets, set lists, and bundles. I included the date as the title so there would be no mistake as to which file to bring back. But the problem continues. I plan on trying one more time tonight by replacing the editor. Right now, in order to keep my presets I have to take a picture of all my settings in order to dial them in again. I don't want to lose these presets because I have a gig this weekend. This is a lot of trouble to troubleshoot software (or hardware) that should have already been fixed prior to providing a download.
  4. I checked all my presets and set lists everything was gone. Back before Christmas this happened. When it did I created a new patch including 4 snapshots. The patch was called "stratosphere". This last time I connected my helix to my MacBook Pro I was checking to see if I could simply save my patches - this time not intending to update firmware. When I connected the helix and opened the editor "stratosphere" showed up in the editor AND on my helix. I never even imported or exported anything. I immediately disconnected the helix, but the patch was still on it. I powered down hoping to get my patches back, but when I powered back up "stratosphere" was the only patch on the helix. Prior to connecting helix to the mac "stratosphere was not on the helix. I had deleted it back in December. The only place it existed was in the editor - until I connected the helix to the mac. Very frustrating. I'm going to delete the editor and redownload it to see if that helps, but I'm really tired of losing my patches. So much so that I won't create more than 1 or 2 patches because I hate for all my work to simply evaporate.
  5. This time I didn't even update anything. I simply connected my Helix to my Mac and opened the editor. The editor automatically put presets on my Helix. I shut Helix down without saving hoping to get my presets back - NO SUCH LUCK! This is getting quite frustrating. I'm beginning to think buying the Helix was a BIG Mistake!!!
  6. . I have had the same issue. I have tried everything including saving the snapshots in several areas on my hard drive. I lose everything every time I update. And yes, I follow the instructions to a tee. I have been using (and building) computers since the mid 1980's so I am not a novice at this. It is quite frustrating.
  7. efoltz

    Some Amplifi Clips

    I loved the layered delays! How do you add more delays in the Amplifi Remote App? I haven't purchased the amp yet. I figured I would mess around with the app for awhile before I made the plunge :-)
  8. Thanks Uber Guru! Sometimes you can stare into all this gadgetry and forget where you are altogether. Everything is now working as it should :-)
  9. I am running a Macbook pro, JTV 69 with variax usb interface. Line 6 monkey says the guitar and interface are connected, but it cannot determine what firmware is loaded. when i try to update the firmware (for the variax usb) a message comes up telling me to check the connections. the connections are all good - green lights at both ends. I try to run HD Workbench; the JTV IS connected, the controls on the guitar even change the guitars in Workbench, but I get no sound. Can anyone help me with this problem? By the way, I used the old Workbench and the sound worked on it!
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