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  1. Right, I am out of warranty for the DT50 head. The tubes have been in there for about three years. I had played the amp about once a week in the first 2 years, then the head was not used regularly anymore. I only started using it in the last few weeks again. Therefore, I think the tubes should be good but you never know. I have not yet changed any power amp tubes myself, only the preamp tubes, because you can't do much wrong there. As far as the preamp tubes are concerned, one of them was broken once but that resulted only in less volume and sound as far as I remember...
  2. Alright, support ticket is closed. However, they could not help. They said that I had already done everything that was possible to do on my own. I would need to hand the DT50 head in to one of their authorized service centers. That is what I am going to do as soon as I want to afford it. Got also a DT50 Combo, I will use that one for the time to come... Thanks again for your support!
  3. No, not yet. I have just created a support ticket and they will probably reply after the weekend is over. I will keep you updated...
  4. You're right, thank you guys for all your help!
  5. Here is my update: Resetting the head did not work. The amp is still re-starting in a loop. I get the feeling that something must be wrong with the electronics...
  6. @Brazzy: no, I have not had the chance to test the reset yet. In my last reply I just wanted to say that flashing the firmware works but does not resolve the issue. I will update the post in a few hours when I am back home again and have the chance to do the reset and see whether it solves the reported problem.
  7. Thank you for your help. I also found the screenshot that Brazzy added to his reply how to do that reset. I will follow your advice and try. I will give you an update if it was successful.
  8. Hi Brazzy, thank you for your reply. It is just the stand-alone head connected to its cabinet. It does not make a difference whether the HD500 is connected to the head or not. I also re-flashed to an older firmware version, issue persists. Flashed again to the newest firmware, same issue. Flashing the firmware worked, though, without any errors. Regards Bernd
  9. Hi everyone, when I turn on my DT 50 head all lights are going on as usual, then the relays are clicking to load the current amp setup. Afterwards, normally the amp is ready to play, only those lights are on for the switches etc. that are currently set. In my case the head is just repeating that boot sequence over and over again. Meaning, all lights are going on again, click-click-click, short break, then the same again a.s.o. Does anyone know that problem or has an idea what could be the reason for that? Thanks in advance, Bernd
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