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  1. Thanks! But in my case nothing was swapped out. All parts are original. Problem is that going to service centre is very expensive. Much cheaper is to bye used POD. :-(((
  2. Yes, I had. It was good last time I turned it on! After that I don't use it some monthes. And today I have this problem :-( Please tell me how can I solve the problem with security chip?
  3. Hello! I have a problem with my XT Live! Disappeared all model packs (classic, metal, fx) LCD says: standard model set loaded. Connecting POD via usb it is no longer recognized by PC. Going to see the last page of "output mode - system" it says: POD XT LIVE v3.01 USB v 0:00 ESN 00000000 Help me please! Thank you in advance!
  4. Hello! I have a POD XT Live. Today I turned it on after some monthes pause of using. As I was going through the presets I get the message "this tone contains an amp or effect from an expansion pack you do not own" when choosing some of them. I cannot use monkey because it can't to recognize the POD XT LIVE with the USB cable. I tried new USB cable, all USB ports in my comp, deinstall and re-install line6 drivers. Windows can't see the device. Also I connected POD to another computer, installes drivers, connected POD, and had the same problem It doesn't see the POD via USB cable. How can I solve the problem? Thank you in advance!
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