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  1. I'm sure the backpack is awesome, but for 4x the price of the Roadrunner? Seems a little steep. (I know OP got his bag already, but I figure if somebody Googles they should know their options.)
  2. I just got my Helix LT, so I took a flyer on this case for $40 shipped: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/road-runner-pedal-board-all-in-1-gig-bag/502055000001000?source=3TEM5KTBK It's a padded cordura bag, but that's all most of us need anymore (gone are the days of ball corners and butterfly latches, at least for me :)). It's snug at first, but the LT fits without any of the encoders being mashed, and it's rugged. Considering what L6 is charging for a bag, I HIGHLY recommend it.
  3. liamslack

    best I.R'S

    Another huge thank you to Lelik. Just unboxed my Helix LT, and was trying to talk myself into some of the stock cabs. Loaded your IR and the thing bloomed right before my... ears(?). GREAT IR, man, and thank you so much for sharing it with the community!
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