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  1. Here it is :-) http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Amplifi-Remote-music-library-media-servers-and-DLNA/685908-23508
  2. Thaaaank you so much Triryche, will try there and post here the link :-)
  3. Hello everybody, and mainly to the staff team, since this question is about future developement of the Remote app. I'm a Pod X3 user and the "jam along" function is something that i really missed... this is why I am giving a serious look at the Amplifi TT. I installed the remote app on my tablet, and checked the "music library" section. As I see, and as confirmed in the FAQ, the file library must be "local", no way to access a NAS via standard media servers (using standard DLNA protocol) Do you plan to add a feature like this one on the remote app? Because it would be a HUGE step forward in the home/studio environment integration. :-) This "limitation" is the only thing that keeps me from running to the local store and buy one Amplifi TT! Thanks in advance! And thanks for the awesom stuff you always bring to us rig enthusiasts
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