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  1. Look, I'm a programmer myself, I know what I'm talking about. You, line6, have no resources to tackle issues with the legacy Gearbox. You can't support something that makes no new revenue. I know. But the issues are still ridiculously sad: on Windows 8.1 my Gearbox eats a whole processor (100% CPU load in one core), which makes to my CPU fan scream like crazy. I have found this issue from 2010. 6 years went and STILL NO PATCH. Last night I have read a solution to that: start Gearbox, start Monkey, exit Monkey => CPU usage back to 1-2%. So my suggestion is: if you can't support, let the community find that 2 lines of sad code and fix it. Everybody wins. We, users, can enjoy our devices without calling the customer support names, you can enjoy the fact that people will trust you.
  2. I have windows 8.1 and my Gearbox eats one whole processor core. When I had my XP it wasn't the case, so I guess something gone wrong. It's a shame that there's no patch for that.
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