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  1. I wanted to revisit this thread. I have an HX Effects and I'm trying to figure out how to change patches in midi guitar 2 via the HX using an instant command (PC message) as described by amsdenj above. The HX effects is not an audio interface, so therefore I need to run a usb audio interface in the chain. So I plug my guitar into the HX, then use an effects block to send the signal to the USB interface, when then sends to my laptop running midi guitar. The usb interface connects to the laptop via usb. Ultimately what I want to be able to do is use this for live use, where I can change presets in the midi guitar standalone app or in a vst that midi guitar is hosting using the HX effects. Similar to what amsdenj described above. I'd like to determine if this is possible before I drop $100 and buy the software. If I can't use this live and change presets via the HX, then I really don't have a need for this software.
  2. Thanks for the feedback bobcoss. This is the way I'm leaning. Thinking if I get the hd500x, six months from now I'll be regretting not spending the extra cash to get the HX. Looks like I'll be selling most of my analog pedals to fund this. Looking forward to the simple set up and unlimited possibilities. One question - I'll be using this live with my cover band covering top 40, pop and rock. Do you find yourself constantly tweaking, given all the effect choices?
  3. Question for HD500x and/or HX Effects users. I'm looking to consolidate and simplify my pedal board, going from a mix of analog pedals plus a zoom G3n to a multi effects UNIT that has an effects loop so I can use the four cable method. So specifically I'm looking at the HX Effects or the HD 500x. I have a mesa express tube amp which I love and I plan to continue to use the amp for my clean and dirt tones. Today I went to guitar center and demo'd the HX Effects. I was absolutely blown away at how good it sounded. So, considering that I want to use my amps gain for my most of my crunch / dirty tones, is the hx effects a bit overkill for my needs? Budget is an issue too. Only so much I can spend on gear at this point. I wouldn't be using this live as well in my cover band. So considering all of this, and with budget restrictions, would the HD500X be a better choice? Are they that far apart in terms of sound quality? Seems like the 500x can be had used for $100-150 less than the HX Effects. I know the 500x has amp modeling but I have no use for that, effects only. Or is the HX Effects worth the extra $100-150, even though I wouldn't be using a log of the available overdrives and distortions. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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