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  1. Mine was the same. My drivers were corrupted and that prevented my computer from seeing my Helix. I downloaded the Helix drivers again from the website and reinstalled. After that, the app could see the Helix as a device, and I ran the firmware update again. It worked without any issues. Didn't matter what was displayed on the Helix-the app just took over. But before you run the update again, check that yours is the latest version of the Line 6 Updater. I read somewhere that 2.8 can only be updated with the latest version.
  2. Thanks for your encouraging words. Appreciate them. Just to update you and everyone: my Helix is now working. What happened was the Helix device drivers on my computer were corrupted, and that prevented the computer (and the apps running on it) from recognizing the Helix. I don’t think it was the USB ports or the USB cable, or even the OS version. I borrowed a working Helix from a buddy of mine because I scheduled to play in church this coming Sunday. My plan was to just copy my prefixes for the songs into his unit and delete them out when I’m done. But after I plugged his Helix in, none of the apps or the Device Manager could see it. With my unit, I thought it was because it was not booted up properly. With his working unit, I realized the issues were probably due to corrupted drivers. After downloading & reinstalling the drivers, I ran Line 6 Update again, selected my unit, and reinstalled 2.8 from the start. This time, zero issues. Didn't matter what was displayed on the Helix-the app just took over. It took only about 2 to 3 minutes to complete. Rebuilding my presets took much longer (I have a lot of them). Didn’t even need to restore any of my backups. All my stuff is still there, everything as I had left them, all intact. Thanks everyone for taking the time to help, and for the encouragement.
  3. Thanks for sharing. I’ll need to find an old computer to try this out. Agree. This upgrade is their worst ever. I’ve never had a worse experience with upgrades. Makes even Windows look good.
  4. Thanks for responding. Appreciate your other inputs too. The message displayed was the same as before: “Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode”. The only different message was when pressing buttons 6 & 12. I’ve put in a support ticket but not sure what else they can do. Not many options left if I can’t even set it to default factory settings.
  5. I followed the thread and I've tried all the steps. Doesn't seem to work for my Helix floor unit. I then tried doing a global reset with buttons 9 & 10 but that didn't work either. In fact, mone of the other button configurations worked either. Is my unit gone for good? Is there anything else I can do to get the unit working again?
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