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  1. When you assign the Pitch Bend effect to the expression pedal, does that make it impossible to also use the pedal for volume or wah in the same patch? When I turn on "assign to pedal", the toe-switch doesn't appear to do anything, and even if the stomp button for the pitch bend is off any change to the expression pedal seems to turn the pitch effect on.
  2. I know by default when you plug in an external cabinet the speakers in the head switch off. Is there any supported method of allowing the built-in speakers to continue working even when connected to a cabinet? I'm sure I'm not the first idiot to think of this, but I'd like to use the head as a close monitor, with a cabinet pointed at FOH.
  3. After some more testing, here's another weird observation: I might be crazy, but it's almost as if the AMP MODELS knob has somehow gotten shorted to a volume/gain pot lead. The clean-red is the quietest (nearly silent) setting and it gets progressively louder as you turn to the right, with the insane-green setting being the loudest.
  4. This head sat in my closet for a couple years. Just dragged it out to try to use it, and all the amp models except metal and insane are now far too quiet to use. On the Clean model, I have to put the master volume around 3 o'clock to be usable, which of course means I can't then switch to a dirty model without risking a ripped cone and a courtesy call from the cops. Any idea what could be causing this? I've tried several different speaker cabinets no difference. It even does it through the headphone jack, though it isn't quite as much of a volume drop through the headphone jack. If it's a bad part on the board, I could probably replace it, just not sure where to start with testing.
  5. The second multi-function knob from the left on my X3 live has suddenly been possessed. It intermittently changes values, sometimes a lot and sometimes a little. It will occasionally go several minutes without changing at all, and then jump to zero, 100, and everything in between. Any ideas whether this is something I can fix myself? I bought this thing many, many years ago, and only recently started using it much.
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