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  1. I have a thr10X which is still my go to practice amp - so quick to get on with playing and no option paralysis. Just bought a Helix LT for live use (to replace my aging Vox Tonelab SE) So I have been using the thr10x as a monitor for the Helix - its not bad - the thr is quite flat and stereo - just not so ballsey at the bottom end. I take the headphone out and run it into the aux in feed. Also, since I have the LT not the full fat Helix, I can use the thr to blend aux and other sources - so good for practice and setting up patches. I tried the HX for a short while, but ulitimatley I'm not a massive effects user, so it seemed like overkill, the form factor of the LT combined with its functionality and pathing options make it a much better fit for me. I need to de-clutter my stage space quite a bit! I also have a Boss Katana 100, again, a good amp for taking the Helix output, but not stereo...also a great little amp in its own right.
  2. There is a lot of love for the Helix out there (not just on these forums) - I need to get my hands on one to see for myself. Super hard to evaluate this kind of thing in a store though - even if you have all day and some very patient staff! 30 day returns I guess
  3. Thanks for the replies - I'll probably go with the full Helix experience, I'll only wonder what I'm missing otherwise. I do wonder if Line 6 are partly in the snake oil business though. They seem to have a very prolific R+D department with new models coming out all the time, I doubt they are reworking them all from scratch tbh, that would be a crazy expensive way to run the business. I think the products are evolutions rather than revolutions. They change the shape and they look like brand new products, but how much software is changing? Pod XT -> PodX3 = pathing improvements Pod X3 -> PodHD = new amp models and chips Pod XT -> Amplifi = new OS Amplifi -> Firehawk = new form factor and HD amps from 500 PodHD -> Helix = PodHD+built-in OS from Firehawk + IR? Helix -> Helix 2.0 = ? I'm not saying Helix is basically a PodXT in disguise - there are probably a lot of tweaks and improvements added along the way and they probably had to update the code base at some point...but there almost certainly is some legacy DNA in there?
  4. I know it can do it - but is it worth twice the price of a HD500x if I'm not using IRs?
  5. Okay - thinking about taking the plunge. Haven't owned or used a Line 6 product since the XT Live. Tried a few other things out (Vox Tonelab, Zoom G5n, amplitube) - so I'm ready for something new. My situation however is that I currently use a real stereo 4x12 cab (celestions) driven by a pair of valve power amps - basically this works fine for me. Solid volume, good power, pushes a lot of air etc. Plus we often play venues with no PA, so we rely on vocal PA only and backline, so we need some volume and monitoring...plus...I'm a bit old fashioned i guess and have gotten used to having control over my own sound on stage and not being completely at the mercy of the sound guys idea of a foldback mix (I have some horror stories for sure). So...I only really need good preamp/poweramp voicings - I am using real cab and speakers so no requirement to emulate there. I want the basic tone, the effects, the signal paths etc, but the whole IR thing (as great as it sounds) is largely unnecessary. Finally a question - is the Helix without IR still a better device than a POD HD500x (without cab emulations)? They must share a lot of DNA. I have seen one demo of the HD500 with a third party IR loader alongside a Helix using the same IRs and they are pretty damn close!
  6. Well, I'm on day one with my AMPLIFI 150 and I'm having a LOT of trouble with bluetooth connections. Worked okay the very first time I tried it with my iPhone - but I have reached a point where I cannot call up or edit any tones at all! The app acts as if it is working, calls up the tones okay and lets me edit - the phone (and the iPad I have tried) can play back through the AMPLIFI no problem, but the app says "None" under the AMPLIFI heading in settings. If I shut down everything and restart it all (amp and app) it will come back temporarily, but as soon as I try to load a new tone - it fails. So I am stuck with the 4 factory sounds and an expensive bluetooth dock. I did the full firmware upgrades and got the App up to the latest version - no difference. · Do you experience audio (streaming) or data (remote control) dropouts? Remote control drop outs · How often do you experience dropouts per day? every tine I use it · How far is your iOS device from the amplifier when the dropouts occur? less than 3 feet · Do you experience short audio dropouts when editing amp parameters? This is considered normal. not getting that far tbh · Are you switching between apps when this happens? not between apps, between tones · How do you re-establish the connection? full shut down of everthing , amp and app · Serial number (please register the amp or Private Message me if you don’t want to publish this info) Amp was unboxed yesterday.
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