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  1. Does anyone have Helix Native & POD Farm 2.5x installed & working on the same system? I had POD Farm 2.59 for iLok installed & working fine on my Mac & on my Windoze 10 system. I installed Helix Native on each of them & have been unable to get POD Farm via iLok to work with my Add-0ns. It tells me there's no license. However, if I deauthorize the computer that it's on I can start PF just fine but it loads with none of my add-ons. Has anyone had similar results? Were you able to find a solution? Thank you,
  2. First, it's just plan unprofessional for Line 6 to just leave you hanging here for 6 months without even responding to your question. At one time, you question had a very simple answer. YES. In fact it says on the very top of the chart on your page where you see your add-ons : "This following should appear in all your Authorized devices that support the add-on." Whatever that means. I'm pretty sure that whoever wrote the sentence & never bothered to look at it again, meant to say, "The following should appear..." Which actually makes sense & means when you purchase add-ons they will show up in ALL of your devices that support those add-on types. POD Farm add-ons show up in all POD Farm type devices. HD add-ons show up in all HD type devices etc. I'm in total agreement with your choice of tools too. I bought a GuitarPort in 2005 when everyone I jammed with would ask WHAT is THAT? But all I had to do was fire up my laptop, plug my Bose 301 speakers into my laptop, pug my GuitarPort into a USB port, plug my guitar in to the GuitarPort & start GearBox (the software before PODFarm that looked a lot like Amp Farrn does these days) & play a few notes & watch everyone's mouth hang open in awe. Not from my playing. Just because I go from playing a Roland Jazz Chorus 120 & jump to Marshall Half stack with every kind of FX gizmo imaginable in a flash. A few years later I bought a StudioPort UX2 or a POD Studio UX2 (they look exactly the same except that one is black & the other is red. I have one of each) & I felt like I had a whole recording studio that I could bring anywhere & carry the whole thing myself. There are a crazy number of toys in there. Amps & amps & more amps. Every size & kind of speaker cab, FX for days. Compressors & over drives & a million presets to get things rolling. Just in case you ever come back & check this post or it sends you an email letting you know that somebody finally replied to your question after 43 years. I just couldn't take the fact that NO Body replied at all. Also, you may have found that your UX2 doesn't like Windows 10. I know mine doesn't or didn't. They both worked great in XP & Windows 7, but 10 has been a nightmare. I could go on & on, but I need to leave before they find out I'm gone & not in my cell at the institution.
  3. So, I should just ignore that loud explosion & pay no attention to the smoke? OK. Got it.... Seriously. Thank you... Ummm. How do I close this topic?
  4. I'm sorry if this is written down somewhere, but I couldn't find it. I just have one simple question. If I purchase Helix Native via "Upgrade from POD Farm Platinum", do I have to give up all of my POD Farm stuff? Or do I just show that I own it or do Line 6 do the leg work:? Before I actually DO the upgrade, I want to find out what it means EXACTLY. Thank you for any help.
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