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  1. Thanks for the reply and advice. I have my DAW running on a separate OS on an SSD, to make sure it doesn't get all muddled up. It's mostly optimized to run well. All of your advice is great, and I tend to do a lot of the things you mentioned. Optimizing my plugin use and DAW has really helped to decrease overall CPU usage. Guitar Rig tends to be the biggest culprit in CPU drainage, but I use it sparingly in favor of the POD these days. When I need to use it, I do tend to disable the FX of the tracks that are the biggest offenders. Perhaps I am asking for a little too much out of my system. Having my POD latency sliders all the way down is typically ideal for me. Maybe it's in my head, but even the few milliseconds that are added as I move the slider up tend to be noticeable. When I heard mention of using the S/PDIF out, I thought it may have been the magic answer to permanent low latency (pipe dream!), but your response helps indicate that it's not, and that the methods I am applying are the right ones. It does come as a relief to me. That's another $100 or so I won't have to drop on another piece of tech. Thanks again for the help.
  2. I am sure this question has been answered before, however, after scouring the net and not finding an answer, I figured I'd just ask here. You guys are always great and helpful. I currently record over USB, but my CPU isn't great (Intel Q8300). After adding a few effects, my DAW begins to crackle if I set my latency low enough for it to not mess up my playing. I've used work-arounds, but I'd like to find out if there's another way to reduce latency. One thing I've heard is that people use the S/PDIF Out to record, vs USB. Is there an advantage to this? Would this decrease the latency without racking up more processing power? I've had trouble even finding internal soundcards that support S/PDIF in, and many interfaces that do cost as much (or more) than a new CPU would. Could anyone offer up any advice? I'm certainly a techie, but not an engineer, and all this head scratching is making me go bald. Thank you.
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