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  1. BenButlerMusic

    HX input/output impedance?

    I have a multimeter too. So to measure the output impedance, do you just plug a short 1/4” cable in and put the probes on the tip and sleeve of the connector and set the meter to ohms? Is it that easy?? Thanks!
  2. BenButlerMusic

    HX input/output impedance?

    Are you guys measuring it or going by a spec sheet? You probably see where I’m going with this but I am wondering when I put an overdrive pedal in the FX loop is it seeing the same kind of impedance as it would when going straight from the guitar.
  3. BenButlerMusic

    HX input/output impedance?

    I am looking for it everywhere but what is the in and output impedance on the HX FX, especially on the send and return jacks? Thanks