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  1. Thank you silverhead. Before I read your message I searched on the error message and found a YT vid at How to fix boot failure entered update mode error on your Line 6 Helix - YouTube that suggests trying a different USB cable then the one supplied by Line 6 and a different USB port. I tried this and successfully updated my HLT. So this problem is solved. Thank you users for posting fixes to problems on this forum and on YT. eray
  2. I've tried updating from 2.30 to 3.11.0 three times, I keep getting this message: "Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode!" This doesn't mean anything to me; I'm new to the Helix LT. I thought I had updated the software; when I turn the Helix LT on it shows the 3.11.0 version, but then I get the above message again. What do I do next? Thanks.
  3. Resolved. It was the battery's first time, so it was a little tighter fit then I anticipated, but it's inside now and I'm ready to rock 'n roll. Thanks!!! Erayman
  4. Hi Silverhead, Thanks for the tip. I just tried again several times - keeping it flat - but still no go. (1) Is the battery supposed to be a real tight fit? (2) Would a lubricant like 3 in 1 oil help? I'm stumped about what the problem is and what to do about it. Regards, erayman
  5. It's finally arrived! A long wait; hope it's worth it. First glitch: I've charged up the battery, but it won't slip into the battery compartment. It there a trick to getting it to work?
  6. I just got my new JTV69 from Sweetwater. I've charged up the battery. I can't get the battery to install in the battery compartment; the battery won't slide forward in the slots. Is there a trick to installing the battery? Seems like it should just slide in, but it feels like something is in the way. Help!
  7. Latest word from Sweetwater: their Variax guitar shipment, according to Line6, is being held up at Customs - whatever that means / maybe a Trumpster Custom Agent won't allow a guitar with Chinese made parts into the country; next improbable date of arrival is early February 2020. I'm wondering if the wait is gonna be worth it?
  8. I just heard from my rep at Sweetwater that there will be another month's delay sometime in Dec. 2019. Musician's Friend lists a Dec. availability too. I guess it will make a swell Christmas self-gift. I've paid for mine, so I have no choice but to wait - I hope it's worth it! Now what am I gonna get my wife? Hi Ho!
  9. The folks at Sweetwater just told me that Line 6 expects guitars to arrive in November, meaning they pushed back the arrival date another month. It looks like they're also selling a three-single coil pickup model - labeled "New" on the Sweetwater website. I hope I get mine by Thanksgiving this year. Hope springs eternal.
  10. I ordered a JTV69 a couple of months ago on a Line 6 special financing offer. All JTV models were out of stock at the time and my order was put in the backorder queue. Later I found out that the supplier hadn't had this model since Nov. 2018. My backordered guitar is not supposed to arrive until sometime in October, 2019. I understand they had to switch from rosewood fingerboards to ebony; maybe that's the delay. I would think that most of the next shipment of this model and the Les Paul model will be sold out. I wish Line 6 would let the world know what the status of these guitars is and is going to be in the future, and the reason for such a long delay.
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