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  1. Resolved. It was the battery's first time, so it was a little tighter fit then I anticipated, but it's inside now and I'm ready to rock 'n roll. Thanks!!! Erayman
  2. Hi Silverhead, Thanks for the tip. I just tried again several times - keeping it flat - but still no go. (1) Is the battery supposed to be a real tight fit? (2) Would a lubricant like 3 in 1 oil help? I'm stumped about what the problem is and what to do about it. Regards, erayman
  3. It's finally arrived! A long wait; hope it's worth it. First glitch: I've charged up the battery, but it won't slip into the battery compartment. It there a trick to getting it to work?
  4. I just got my new JTV69 from Sweetwater. I've charged up the battery. I can't get the battery to install in the battery compartment; the battery won't slide forward in the slots. Is there a trick to installing the battery? Seems like it should just slide in, but it feels like something is in the way. Help!
  5. Latest word from Sweetwater: their Variax guitar shipment, according to Line6, is being held up at Customs - whatever that means / maybe a Trumpster Custom Agent won't allow a guitar with Chinese made parts into the country; next improbable date of arrival is early February 2020. I'm wondering if the wait is gonna be worth it?
  6. I just heard from my rep at Sweetwater that there will be another month's delay sometime in Dec. 2019. Musician's Friend lists a Dec. availability too. I guess it will make a swell Christmas self-gift. I've paid for mine, so I have no choice but to wait - I hope it's worth it! Now what am I gonna get my wife? Hi Ho!
  7. The folks at Sweetwater just told me that Line 6 expects guitars to arrive in November, meaning they pushed back the arrival date another month. It looks like they're also selling a three-single coil pickup model - labeled "New" on the Sweetwater website. I hope I get mine by Thanksgiving this year. Hope springs eternal.
  8. I ordered a JTV69 a couple of months ago on a Line 6 special financing offer. All JTV models were out of stock at the time and my order was put in the backorder queue. Later I found out that the supplier hadn't had this model since Nov. 2018. My backordered guitar is not supposed to arrive until sometime in October, 2019. I understand they had to switch from rosewood fingerboards to ebony; maybe that's the delay. I would think that most of the next shipment of this model and the Les Paul model will be sold out. I wish Line 6 would let the world know what the status of these guitars is and is going to be in the future, and the reason for such a long delay.
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