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  1. I've voted for these feature requests on ideascale- looks like I'm not the only one: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Looper-Sync-to-internal-tempo/780352-23508 https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/CV-output-ability-to-send-tempo-pulses/782984-23508
  2. Hi folks, just received my new Helix-looks very solid and is quite easy to use. I've been late to the party as I've been waiting for the update to be able to remote control the DT-25's First thing I did was upgrading to 2.8.2. Just a few things I noticed that are a bit odd: The effect blocks are grouped by mono/stereo/legacy. Why are the put under "legacy"? Are they working differently than the new ones? Here come my top 2 feature request (I've already starred them): 1. Would be great if the Looper could be synced to the tempo 2. Please add a pulse sync option to the SEND blocks, it would be so cool to sync external analog gear with the helix tempo... Plllllleeeasse :-)
  3. The looper volume control should be relatively easy to implement and would be a great enhancement. Why do I have to use a M9 and HD500x side by side just to be able to fade out the loop? Nord is a great example for a company that provides regular fixes and updates even for instruments that are several years old.
  4. I've seen many thread complaining about the missing volume control - including myself. Still hoping for a software update so that I can use the looper live.
  5. Thanks! Very disappointing...but at least it's not my fault then ;-)
  6. I'm really getting mad... how can I control the looper output volume using the expression pedal? This works fine in M9 but I do not find a way to assign the looper output volume to the exp2. I want to fade out the loop but of course keep the overall output. What am I missing?
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