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  1. dflorey

    POD HD Looper function

    The looper volume control should be relatively easy to implement and would be a great enhancement. Why do I have to use a M9 and HD500x side by side just to be able to fade out the loop? Nord is a great example for a company that provides regular fixes and updates even for instruments that are several years old.
  2. dflorey

    POD HD Looper function

    I've seen many thread complaining about the missing volume control - including myself. Still hoping for a software update so that I can use the looper live.
  3. Thanks! Very disappointing...but at least it's not my fault then ;-)
  4. I'm really getting mad... how can I control the looper output volume using the expression pedal? This works fine in M9 but I do not find a way to assign the looper output volume to the exp2. I want to fade out the loop but of course keep the overall output. What am I missing?