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  1. Thanks, guys!!! I really appreciate the help. Going to give these a try. -Brian
  2. Thanks for the reply! That's good to know that particular setup is an option, thanks. Will the setup I mentioned also work? Because my hope is to switch effortlessly between my electric guitar and acoustic guitar without having to unplug anything on stage--I would need only switch between patches.
  3. Hi, I'm having a hard time finding clear information on this as a potential option. I want to know if it's possible to interface with my helix in such a manner: Acoustic guitar --> Fishman amp input Fishman amp FX out --> Helix Return Helix Send --> Fishman FX return (This is so I can make use of delay, reverb, etc. from the helix) Then I can have my electric guitar going into the guitar input of my helix, and switch between guitars without having to switch out cables during a performance. Is this possible? Thanks, Brian
  4. Thanks, Jim. Not sure if you are saying that I can only use an IR block if I plug the guitar into the helix first? I know that the effects blocks like reverb, delay and distortion work fine when I plug into the fishman and then use the fishman send/return to access the helix....
  5. Hi, When playing my acoustic guitar, I plug directly into my fishman amp and connect to my Helix via the effects return/send channels, basically using the Helix as a pedal board. In this way, will an IR have any effect on my sound? Or does it function in a different way than say reverb or delay or whatever? Thanks! Brian
  6. Thanks for the reply. But if I do want to use the Artist's preamp for my acoustic guitar (in fact, that's all I will use in this particular singer-songwriter context), what is the simplest way to connect the cables? Would the 4CM even work if I need a separate path for the microphone?
  7. Hi, I am seeking guidance about a particular setup using my Helix, my Fishman Artist amp, and my Tech 21 Power Engine 60. I'm happy with the Fishman sound with my acoustic guitar, but would like to utilize some of the effects from my helix. I would also like to run a microphone into the helix mic input and route that into my Power Engine 60. This would be for live performance. Would it be best to plug my acoustic guitar into my Fishman Artist, then use the Fishman's FX send and return to interface with the helix? Thanks!
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