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  1. Well, Gearbox works fine on both Windows 10 computers and I have access to all my expansion packs with my UX2. I wanted to make life easier by having separate hardware setups at my two locations. Are you telling me that I will be able to run Gearbox with a new Pod Studio GX or just the UX2 which works on both computers? I just noticed in the Gearbox "Edit > Preferences > Hardware" menu options, that you can change what hardware to use with Gearbox (along with auto-detect). The GX is one of the options. I don't know if that GX is the same as the current Pod Studio GX. Thanks
  2. Hello, thanks for the response. My "red faced" UX2 is capable of running Pod Farm 1.2. I actually prefer to use Gearbox because of the functionality of the music player. Question: If I was to purchase the Pod Studio GX, would I be able to download Gearbox and use it with the GX and also use my Bass Expansion Pack with it as well? From what I'm hearing, I would have to purchase the GX AND a separate license for Pod Farm 2.5 to use the 2.5 with the UX2. I don't have the money to buy both. I just might be better off moving my UX2 from location to location. Thanks again.
  3. Many years ago I purchased a Toneport UX2 and several model packs including the Bass Expansion Pack which I use almost exclusively. I've been using Gearbox and it's works fine for me. I live in two locations so I want to buy a Pod Studio GX which comes with Pod Farm 2.5 to use in one of the locations. Would I be able to use the Pod Farm 2.5 with the Toneport UX2 at the other location and or would I be able to use Gearbox (with my model packs) with the new Pod Studio GX? Also, do the model packs I've purchased work with Pod Farm 2.5? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'm not to happy with the selection of FM headphones so I'm going to give Bluetooth a try in the next few weeks.
  5. I want to use wireless headphones with my Toneport UX2. The obvious choice is to buy an bluetooth transmitter and plug it into the headphone jack of the UX2 and pair it with the headphones. Will there be added latency? Has anybody tried this or are there other options? Thanks. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/aluratek-bluetooth-audio-transmitter-white/4236915.p?id=1219711483005&skuId=4236915
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