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  1. Tried the factory reset, turns out all that does is restore the factory presets but does not restore to the original firmware, and it didn't resolve the issue. Flashed back to 1.0 same issue. Flashed back to 1.02 same issue. Flashed to 1.01 same issue. After all of this noticed that one of the brackets on the kickstand wasn't seated properly, went to tighten the screws and immediately noticed they were totally stripped. Calling Sweetwater tomorrow to setup a return. Super disappointed as the thing totally delivers sonically.
  2. Did you ever get this issue resolved? I just got mine from Sweetwater on Tuesday and I'm having the same issue.
  3. I've experienced the issue with FBV3 connected and disconnected. Definitely going to start with a factory reset and put in a support ticket today after I register it if I'm still having this problem.
  4. Just got my FH1500 a couple days ago and decided to update the FW to remedy some undesirable issues related to the volume pedal (FBV3). Tried first over Bluetooth, and although the app said the update was successful the LCD was blank and the amp wasn't working at all. Lugged it in to my computer room and updated over USB and this time it was successful and I'm now running the latest firmware 1.02. However, when I power it up it doesn't always boot up. About 1 out of every 3 times it comes up with the LCD lit and the amp ready to go, and the other two times nothing. I m scared to death that it's not going to boot at all at my gig this weekend. Should I do a factory reset? Roll back the FW to 1.1 or 1.0? Please help!
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