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  1. This is the problem... The tuner doesn´t respond. Guitar In and Aux In no work.
  2. Thanks for your help edstar1960!! The unit must be reviewed by a technician. It seems complicated. Meanwhile, the unit is dead. Happy Valentine!!
  3. Maybe the Input Jack is dirty, I don´t know.
  4. Simply what sounded well days ago, today doesn´t sound. It must be something about Input itself or electronics.
  5. INPUT 2 SOURCE: Input Setup:4 SAME The patch loaded is a default Factory. I´ve tried several. Expression pedal up/down, no sound. The rest of gear is well, I´ve tried with M9. Cables, guitar volume and amp. I activate the tuner and play a string and no note on screen, anything.
  6. Thanks edstar1960. Setup - Inputs: INPUT 1 SOURCE: Guitar In-Z:3 guitar+aux+variax 1M INPUT 2 SOURCE: Inputs Setup: 4
  7. Hello to everyone. I connect the guitar to the Guitar In and doesn´t work. Apparently HD500X is OK but does not get the sound from the guitar. Volume and Master up and nothing. I actívate the tuner and the screen is clean, play a string and doesn´t no appear on the screen. OK: guitar, amp and cables but Guitar Input and Aux In don´t work. I have reset the unit and the problema persists. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
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