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  1. I've had a lovely day with Logic and Native, very production it's been however a question. I see that you can change snapshots via automation and have done so much so far but the one thing I'd like to do and not quite got there yet (quick look on here and skim through manual) is to change presets. Yes it's great to have 8 snapshots but on occasion I need to have a different preset with other amps and effects in. Anyone done this without having to resort to midi?
  2. Can't see how you get from my post that I'm selling anything, just spreading thanks and appreciation. Maybe the more sceptical, seasoned Helix user may feel that, who knows? As a new user of the Helix I had an invite to this.........it was frrreeeeeeeeeeeee!
  3. Just had a session with Ross and fair play it was a very insightful experience. No matter how much you've tweaked and what you've learnt my session proved that there's plenty more in store to make you smile. Ross was a great demonstrator and his communication and patience was very welcome.
  4. Nah, no joy. I have the older unit that doesn't even recognise the JTV! I don't think I'm missing out on anything.
  5. No via Helix, I do have the interface, would that be better?
  6. Thanks for that. I'm a hoarder and throw nothing away, you'd think collecting guitars for over 35 years, I'd have one that fits! Truss and intonation rod sorted, just the PITA bridge to get it to a playable standard!
  7. So, I own around a million hex/Allen keys but do you think I can find one to fit the bridge on this thing! It didn't come with a set but I suppose my question is, is it because I'm in the UK that I can't find one to fit? I have plenty of Gibson and US Fender keys and a load from Asian guitars but for the life of me can't get the action down on this! HELP!
  8. No problems, I've just found the "free trial" link.
  9. Got some time off so I thought I'd give Native a go. Have they taken the free trial down? I see that there's 30% off but I'd still like to try before I buy!
  10. I swear by the Digitech Drop pedal and find it suits my needs well. When I heard that there may be an option on the Helix I thought I'd look into it, tried it and thought meh, no where near as good! Can you imagine my embarrassment to then find when putting it in front of my amp (like my Drop) and not after it changes meh to WOW!? I now have a very reduced (size and weight) pedal board with just an extra expression, FreqOut and wireless.....nice.
  11. A question you may be able to help with. I'm all for the scene mode (trails aplenty please) but is there a way to disable a new block from being active when added to a preset on all scenes. I might be missing something but as much as it's not a huge deal, it's a little time consuming to then turn the block off on all the other scenes! Ideally I'd like to add the block, turn it off and then save, if this was then recognised by all other scenes, I could then turn it back on for the scene that needs it.
  12. Cheers for the reply. Coming from the Boss I'm acclimatising slowly, makes me feel like I took the Boss for granted a little. However the more I dig with this thing, the more I get what it can do. My whammy drop is also now redundant after adding an extra expression pedal! Need to dig out my Variax next!
  13. Did try to find via search but no joy! Very probably been asked but is there any way to use the tuner and not have it either mute of bypass all processing? Coming from a Boss GT100, it was a great feature to drop D mid song if I had forgotten!
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