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  1. No midi on the amp. Found my answer in the manual tonight, though. Sounds like it's something that may come in a future firmware release. On pg 36 NOTE: At this time, Ext Amp control messages are not transmitted per snapshot when assigned to an instant command; only when assigned to a footswitch.
  2. Brand new to the HX FX and still working out all the kinks. I have it set up to change the channel on my amp but I have to have the control dedicated to a footswitch in the preset. I'm not using any external midi controllers but I was wondering if there's a way to change the amp channel when switching between snapshots in a patch. That way I don't have to give up the switch for one of the effects.
  3. Ha! I just opened the box on my new HX Effects and started setting it up. Spaceballs is playing on the tv in the background!
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