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  1. stumblinman's post in DT 25 / HD500 Send Return problem was marked as the answer   
    Connect from Send of DT25 to guitar input of Pod, not Pod effects loop return. Then use send from Pod to return on amp.  Make sure you have the FX Loop block in the Pod signal path, and make sure it's on.
  2. stumblinman's post in Maybe I'm a two-Pod guy. was marked as the answer   
    Pod HD bean if you can find one. I'm not positive, but I believe it has the floorboard input on it. The tones are interchangeable using the HD edit program.
  3. stumblinman's post in Adding External Pedals Thru FX Loop to the HD500x was marked as the answer   
    Fx Loop works fine other than volume loss between send and receive.  It can be accounted for with other settings (ie:mixer block or EQ added) but it still plays nice with pedals if set up right.
  4. stumblinman's post in Replacing Power Input on Pod HD500 was marked as the answer   
    Basically unscrew the back cover, gently pop the knobs off the front (all of them) with gentle pressure and a couple butter knives or screwdrivers, and then remove the standoff screws inside on the PCB.  There are a couple ribbon cables you will need to disconnect to remove the boards.  They are held in place by hot glue.  If you slowly wiggle and pull you can get the glue off and disconnect the ribbon cables.  Once all the necessary cables are disconnected and you pull the switches board out, you can pull out the main board.  It's a matter of angle and even pulling to get it out.  You will have to remove some nuts from the back to release the 1/4" jacks.  Once everything is loose, pull it out, desolder and solder.  I did it over a year ago, so I may have forgotten a few minor details, but just look everything over and nothing should require any forcing.  It all comes apart and goes together with gentle pressure.
  5. stumblinman's post in Clean / Distortion Channels was marked as the answer   
    Each model is based on a channel. That is why there are multiple models of the same amp. There are 3 Soldano models to cover this, as well as a few amps having a "normal" and "bright" model. If you want to use the same amp model with different gains, you will have to set them up separately and "switch channels" between them.
  6. stumblinman's post in Help Again Effect Placement was marked as the answer   
    The noise gate pedal has a loop so it can determine when you are playing guitar and when you are not. This helps it separate noise and hiss from actual guitar sound.
    You should go: guitar>noise gate in>noise gate loop send>all other pedals and pod>pod output>EQ>noise gate loop return>noise gate out>amp.
    Boss NS-2 is the same way.
    Good luck!
  7. stumblinman's post in Tube Screamer Ts808 Question was marked as the answer   
    12oclock from what I've been told.
  8. stumblinman's post in A New Amp was marked as the answer   
    Meambobbo's tones are designed for direct studio recording, not amp playback. They are awesome if that is what you use though. Glad to hear your experiment is working out for you!
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