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Adding External Pedals Thru FX Loop to the HD500x


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Hey everyone!


Quick question, i am thinking about getting a Strymon BigSky reverb pedal.  I was planning on hooking it up thru the FX Loop. Is this a good idea?  Or should i run guitar into strymon first then out to the guitar in on hd500x?


I am going mono out to a House PA without an external amp.


Suggestions, Comments, Gotchas?





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I'm pretty sure I've had a "best answer" taken away before and given to another post in the thread. I don't give answers for the glory though. I try to help when I see an easy one to answer. There are a ton of smart, helpful, hardcore guys on this forum for the tough stuff.



Who deems which "answer" is the "Best Answer"?

What if a "better" answer come along? ;)

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there are no points awarded for a "best answer" the post simply gets highlighted at the top to help people with future searches.

the original poster can select the best answer, but sometimes the mods will change it....

for example... if the original poster comes back and marks his own post "that worked!" (AKA he's just trying to mark his issue as solved, and not really "best answer")

we might change the best answer to be the post that actually had the information that was helpful.

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