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    Pre Amps

    Thanks for the replies! So if I was not going to run the pedal into an external cab and use the pod as the pre-amp (head) is there a good reason to use them?
  2. I agree with that. I used it last night because it was the first time was going to use the pedal with the new amp models and i wanted to be able to change some things quick in rehearsal. But as for the Song service or performance i never touched it.
  3. So bypass volume interface shows up after you disable the amp? Can this be done thru HD Edit?
  4. videoman77

    Pre Amps

    How do the amps that the PRE in the description work? What is the difference? Sorry i know this i s noob question.
  5. yeah in the setlists I'm still not seeing the Variax set list that has the presets for the new amps.
  6. Yeah so i tried reloading firmware, same thing is happening. When my Amps in the mixer are set to "Center" they sound VERY BAD! but if i Pan them hard left or right the sound fine...however i found another issue that might just be a user error...but when I'm running dual amps one panned hard left and the other right...shouldn't i be hearing in the headphones that separation? If i turn one amp off i hear the other amp in both ears...not just on the left or the right. Am i just doing something wrong?
  7. Yeah i meant overwrite not overnight...LOL
  8. I think what i'll do is try it out this sunday and just use it to make minor tweaks during rehearsal and continue to to use the floor board for the patch switching. Oh and i have my hd500x mounted to a PedalTrain Grande board so i think my potential tripping hazard would be minimal.
  9. Thats a good point on the chord. I'd probably get like a 10 foot usb cable and make sure cinch it down to the music stand. But as far as running a touch screen laptop in a live situation would there be any issue with signal lag? I know when you change patches on the computer that you can hear an audible switch, especially if you let a note ring out before switching.
  10. I know that hd edit 500x has a driver for the Windows 8, but does anyone know if the touch aspects of a Surface Pro 3 can be utilized with HD Edit 500x? Reason being....since I'm not cool enough to have the new Firehawk, i thought i could maybe use my surface pro 3 connected to the hd500x with a long usb chord and use it during my worship sets to control the pod and tweak tones? Sounds like a good idea in my head...:)
  11. Thanks for the info. Also is it a good idea to have the firmware overnight everything then reload your bundle?
  12. Is resetting the globals always necessary when doing firmware updates? This might fix some of my issues i have listed in another post. Does resetting globals reset all your patches to factory?
  13. I just got it yesterday. So far I'm loving the Pete Anderson Custom! The AC30 Fawns sound decent too :) . I've never been a fan of Orange...but i'll try it out ;). And i haven't tried the Jazz one.
  14. Just updated my HD500X last night to new Firmware and installed the Vintage pack! I have a question, i don't use HD edit that often because i like to turn the knobs myself, but last night after firmware, all my amps sounded really bad. So i started a new patch and added the Pete Anderson custom. Thru my headphones the sound was pretty decent but i could hear crackling and distortion like it was over modulated....it wasn't until i went into the mixer in HD Edit and started turning the "Pan" knobs...all of a sudden the amp came alive! Here is my question(s): I would think that keeping the amp paths A & B at center would get me the most bang for my buck...but when i would pan one of them to the left or right all of a sudden the amp became very dynamic. Shouldn't at center it be the most dynamic? Is this just a firmware issue? Should i have let the firmware overwrite all my settings then reload my backed up bundle? I've been noticing my existing patches sound really bad :( i know that is an issue when updating firmware...but these are really bad sounding now. Does any of that make sense?
  15. That was a great video! Even though he was showcasing the BEANS it was cool hearing how line 6 cloned his actual amps! Now i just wish i knew how old pete runs his eq's on those amps!
  16. Does anyone know the difference between the stock 212 Silverbell (VOX AC30 top boost) and the new AC30 Fawn Nrm & Brt?
  17. This might be happening to others but on my Mac that is running Yosemite i was unable to update Monkey to version 1.70 from 1.68. Everytime i tried to delete and install 1.70 it would always reinstall 1.68...so weird. Finally saw a post from back 2013 where someone had to uninstall 1.68 and the go to Library>Preferences>and delete the monkey .plist files. After i did this, then emptied the trash, then rebooted, it allowed me to install 1.70! So not sure if anyone else has had this issue but this fix worked for me. Caleb
  18. Im sure we'll have more info soon, but i hope that all the other amp models are still in there. I really like a couple of them!!
  19. haha yeah i just saw some old youtube videos with the JC-120s and the distortion knob is pointless....sounds like garbage. I wonder if the the JC's notorious 120 watts per channel with translate over to the HD500x? I know i struggle with cutting through the mix without adding boosts and gains. All in all though i will try this amp/cab for sure!!
  20. So that would be a good cab to use for multi effects because you get a pristine signal to use your effect with?
  21. So the JC 120 a Marshall style cab? I guess i don't really know what it is :)
  22. I wish we had a larger signal chain. Ability to move the amps around the chain...not move things around IT. Make the looper optional in the signal path, not using a slot up. But global eq isn't really much of a factor for me...at least i think LOL maybe i'll find out.
  23. The new firmware sounds like its going to be great! I have a couple questions though...if any Line6 Ops are in the forum today: 1. Amp Models: Some of these models look like the same ones that are already on there? If purchased, will this add to the existing amps or overwrite them? Are there corresponding cabs? Why is there only two guitar classes? Metal and Vintage? What about modern amps like bad cats, jackson amp works, matchless?​ 2. Global EQ: Why is Global EQ the most requested? Seems to me that each amp and cab and mic placements are different from patch to patch, what good is a global eq setting? 3. Effects: Are there any additional effects? Thats all i have at them moment :-)
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