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    4cm with HX effects and HX stomp

    I have extra speaker cabs, so it’s going into my 2x12 with a Scumback BM75 and a Vintage 30. Bought the Powerhead version. I’m trying to simplify my setup and keep options for tones. I’ll keep my Relay G50 and just use a Wah and Volume Pedal but I’ll be able to do everything else I need with it. I don’t run complex tones and I don’t record at home. I play live and practice for live play, doing covers from 50’s to 2000’s in the rock/alternative vein, so it’ll get me where I need to go. I like the HX effects, but trying to integrate it with a stomp just became too much hassle and too many cables. I’ll just profile my Friedman and be good to go.
  2. stumblinman

    4cm with HX effects and HX stomp

    Edit: I should have specified I’m using my amp as well. Trying to make HXFX, Stomp, and my amp work in harmony, not just HXFX and Stomp. Thanks guys. Been trying to draw this out on paper to figure out how to use HX effects pre and post amp using the effects loop as well as using the stomp for strictly amp models. 8 cable method? I dunno. Can’t seem to wrap my brain around how I would make it work. Hoping to justify simply adding a stomp to my hxfx instead of buying a Kemper so I can do it all. Been using a Kemper and setting up patches for my singer/second guitarist and I really love the sounds I’m getting, but it’s more frugal to add a stomp so that’s my current experiment. I love my Friedman, but I wouldn’t mind having options for Fender and Vox dirt. Anyone else currently running this setup? Thanks.
  3. stumblinman

    4cm with HX effects and HX stomp

    Thanks for the reply. I just bought a Kemper instead. But at least the info is here if someone else wants to make spaghetti to try and get tones they want. Kemper made it easy.
  4. stumblinman

    4cm with HX effects and HX stomp

    Ok, I think I may have sussed it out myself. Let me know if this seems reasonable. 8 blocks to route in the HX Effects, and it's the brain, so this should work. HX Stomp will be in FX Loop 2 on HX Effects. Guitar-->HXFX In-->Dirt Block (#1)-->Tremolo Block (#2)-->Chorus Block(#3)-->FX Loop 1 Send Block(#4)-->FX Loop 2 Containing HX Stomp(#5)-->FX Loop 1 Return(#6)-->Delay Block (#7)--> Solo Boost Block(#8)-->Output When I'm using the Friedman's preamp, FX Loop 1 send and return are active, and FX Loop 2 is inactive. When I press a footswitch on HXFX, it turns Loop 1 send and return off, and turns Loop 2 on, using HX Stomp preamp model, which then feeds thru Loop 2 back into signal chain to hit post amp effects and feed into effects return on amp. Sound right? My brain hurts...
  5. stumblinman

    4cm with HX effects and HX stomp

    I’m trying to be able to use either my amp distortion or have the option to bypass the preamp and put the hx stomp model into the power amp and keep using the hx effects in proper position pre and post. That’s where I’m struggling. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Hey all, long time no see. Went back to analog for everything a few years ago and just picked up HX Fx to slim down my gigging board and also because the demos looked really useful: like Line 6 added some kickass functionality, including foot switches to change between two preset values in an effect. But enough about me! Built a signal chain and it has the double tank reverb second to last (out of 9) and it will work for a while, and then stop after a bit. I don’t know what causes it, because I only use one patch, so I never change patches. If I do lose reverb, I simply change patches and come right back and it works again. No controllers assigned to any values on that effect. Mono/single signal path. It just decides to stop reverberating. Anyone else encountered this?
  7. stumblinman

    HX Effects bug? Reverb works intermittently

    Here we are many months later and still having same issue. Perhaps this simple issue can be fixed in 2.80?
  8. stumblinman

    Helix HX Effects Alternative Power Supply, Now Only $12.99!

    Be careful with the M5. They have a weird grounding issue with the screws in the feet. If you have issues with it not changing correctly or effing up, google it. I sold mine as soon as I found out what the issue was because it wasn't reliable when you stepped on it to change states.
  9. stumblinman

    Helix LT. Horrible noise!

    Return it and get HX Effects if you're happy with your amp but just want more options. HXFX is a pretty solid piece of kit. Other than the hardware issues that require sending it in for IC replacement at your expense, of course. I wish you luck!
  10. stumblinman

    Looking to ditch my Guitar Amp

    Keep your amp, even if you buy a Helix. You will miss real tubes. I promise. Helix is a great studio tool and good live if you are used to playing at home a lot, but it will take time to get used to playing live without a real amp behind you. Helix is neat, but a real amp is invaluable. Keep the amp, but feel free to play with Helix too. I'm sure you'll be happy with both eventually. There is a caveat: some guys can't tell the difference between tubes and digital, so they will sell the Helix like it's the second coming of Christ. It's not. I still hear the digital artifacts with my HX Effects but I've decided to live with it because I like getting rid of 6 other pedals to simplify my board. Buy it from a dealer you can return it to if it bothers you if you hear that digital "plink" on the lead edge of your notes. No matter what though, have fun playing. It's a good product for the price.
  11. stumblinman

    HX Effects bug? Reverb works intermittently

    I don’t know either, because mine is on all the time and, like I said, I only have one patch I use so it’s always on. I’d consider it a significant issue but I’m sure it’s a simple fix.
  12. stumblinman

    HX Effects bug? Reverb works intermittently

    Thanks Phil. Makes me realize my Friedman doesn’t really need reverb because I don’t miss it until some of the clean stuff I play. Might just pull it out of the patch. Thanks for the info.
  13. Be sure to ask this on the fractal forums as well for opposing views. They may have some useful advice as well. Good luck on your search!
  14. stumblinman

    Latency between patch switching is unbearable

    You know what gives you zero latency? A good tube amp and some quality pedals. It's worth trying, I promise. Computers will always have some lag/latency issues.. It's the nature of having to load data. Folks will tell you it's about timing your taps, or building everything into a single patch to prevent it, but in the end, a couple good pedals and a quality amp will get you there without the issues. If you need to go between epic soundscapes with the single press of a button, then by all means, stick with the Helix or the HD500. If you don't like latency, avoid modelers without "scenes" built in. Or spend way too much money and cross your fingers they add it later. Good luck!
  15. stumblinman

    Reasons Why I Returned My Helix

    Hello all. Been a while. Sold all my L6 gear except my Relay G50, but I still keep tabs now and then to see what's up, and I just had to comment on this. Let's put this in car terms, similar to the Dodge analogy stated by spikey earlier: If you paid full retail price for a Dodge Viper, then had to tweak it for more than 2 weeks to get it to drive in the manner it was advertised "off the showroom floor" so to speak, and were still unsatisfied, would you keep it and keep tweaking? Or would you move on to something else to see if you got results that satisfied you with less effort and only minor tweaking? Regardless of his "skill level" as a mechanic or tone tweaker, if you invest that much time in anything, you should at least see some positive results. He didn't. So he moved on, and decided to make an account to explicitly try to communicate what was missing (to him) and maybe help L6 see some new potential options. He didn't know about ideascale, as he didn't have an account already. To that effect, wouldn't you continue to drive your old car that's reliable and does what you need it to do? I totally get where he's coming from. Been good to see you all. Take care!
  16. stumblinman

    Alternatives to Stagesource speakers

    Hey guys. Pondering going from my DT for gigs to using FRFR speakers to take full advantage of the acoustic models in the JTV without having to use my Pod fx loop to send to PA. Of course the Stagesource would be optimal, but I have a hard time justifying the price, and after reading the posts about rattling cabs and things like that, I'm a little wary. I like a speaker pushing air behind me, so going direct just won't work. Ideas? What are you guys using?
  17. stumblinman

    POD hd desktop deffective?? crackle behind distortion

    All the HD's have this issue and always have.. it's a weird artifact on top of the notes. If you search the forums, there are threads all about it. It won't go away. You won't notice it in a mix, but it stands out like a sore thumb when playing alone. Either live with it, or buy a better device. Sounds harsh, but that's the long and short of it after years of hearing the same complaints with no resolution. Good luck!
  18. I'm sorry you are having this issue as many of us have. I hope you are given an opportunity to exchange the guitar for something more reliable and of higher quality.
  19. It says volumes that they have this many issues with quality control. I've bought and returned at least 5 different JTV's over two different attempts to bond with one. I finally gave up and sold mine again. Luckily I broke even since I got it on sale + 15% off plus $150 rebate. Long story short: they are Chinese-quality guitars with electronics that WILL fail and leave you with an overpriced Chinese guitar. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but take that money and buy a quality American guitar that will still be worth something should you ever tire of it. Good luck!
  20. stumblinman

    Line 6 POD HD500X buying used pointers

    Buy mine. Everything works perfectly and it has all the amp packs :) Seriously though. Spin every knob and push every button. Check all the input and output jacks at least visually to see if anything is broken. USB port has been shoddily made on several batches, so that's a big one to check. Mine works perfectly though, in case you're interested. :)
  21. I finally solved it! Sold the guitar and bought another Les Paul. Much happier now. YMMV.
  22. stumblinman

    Yet another background noise thread, Please HELP :(

    Plug your guitar into his rig and see if it's still there.
  23. stumblinman

    Standalone for A/B channel switching

    My computer is nowhere near my music gear, so I rarely have the luxury of tweaking while they are connected. I've pondered the same thing: all Fenders or Marshalls etc with small variations. I'm a fan of the 3rd topology voicing most, so I use that almost exclusively. Seems to add those frequencies my ears enjoy.
  24. stumblinman

    Standalone for A/B channel switching

    I retired my Pod too. Back to pedals into DT25. I use the Twin mostly for my cleans, and the Treadplate for my heavy dirty, but I'm mostly using my Soul Food and Bogner Blue for my overdrive unless I really need that tight, heavy chunk. I have-on the A channel- Twin Normal, AC-30 Normal, Dr Z, and Plexi Normal. B channel is Bassman Bright, AC-30 Bright, Plexi Bright, and Treadplate. All amps are in class A/B, all use default cabs, all use Topology III, all use 4038 ribbon mic, and all A channel amps have the boost on. All amps set to "smooth", and the voltage switch is down, whatever that does. Apparently nothing on the 25?
  25. stumblinman

    Sending it back :(

    I had a real hard-on to buy one when it was announced. The more posts I see the more I'm glad I didn't. My DT25 is outstanding, and since I got a Bogner Blue pedal I've never been happier. The Helix has amazing potential, if it wasn't rushed out to make Q4 profits for Yamaha.