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  1. When the mics displayed this i was using a solo clean amp.. also even running through a batters of parametric eq this is the tone. I get.. cannot be normal. The unit is maybe a year old.. maybe.. i am going to get i touch with lone and maquede where i got the unit after the holidays. I have realized that there are lots of posts about bad sound.. but this thing is truely beyond bad and i do t think its the intended sound. I will regardless be moving to a two notes torpedo but would love to use the hd as my pedal bank.
  2. well, Im pretty sure somethings wrong with this unit... I decided to just say "fEck it" and dial in a clean tone... its always been decent till it starts breaking up on any kind of distortion, cleans ... fine.. So im here playing having a good time and I dial in the simplest patch ever.. just a cab starting with every thing on 0 and dialing up from there... I've been playing around with this simple tone for an hour or 2 now.. so happy to play my guitar ( even though this tone is ultimately pretty weak ) and I decide to change the Mic... these are "new" Mics the unit just decided it liked to have I guess.... 12 Dyn * 112 dyn ( normal ) 20 Dyn * 7 dyn * 40 dyn* 47 cond ( normal ) and its making a horrible buzz that sounds like electric shorting out. this is un questionably fubarred. This explains SO much, I have been battleing this Stupid thing forever.. it seems to have gotten worse over time.. the fact that its buggering names of mics is a visual representation... it is confused. Do I let line 6 know on here or do I bring it back to where I got it ( 2 hour drive.. :/ ) ??? I have in this room about 10 feet behind me an electrical panel... is there any chance that having it and guitar so close could damage it ? I have never had any issues with my computers or signals from my Glucose monitor ( diabetic wireless implant ) or cell phone... and theres lots of juice on a stage so im thinking not but id appreciate your opinions. when I think back It has always sounded harsh and off.. :)
  3. I have done all that you said... several times... same issues persist. high cut on global Eq is at 8Khz currently ( sorry, thought I had mentioned that ) I actually did all the resetting last night, and spent the afternnon here building new patches from scratch. did you hear the sound clip ? That sound is present with any setting when the signal approaches distortion. I have gone so far as to use a 32 channel Eq. thinking that this must be a sound issue... sadly im leaning towards hardware issue. sound issue is not noise gate.. re installed the drivers and it works again... this thing is a bloody nightmare, I just want to play my guitar. :(
  4. interestingly enough, My pod hd is now only making sound of any kind for 30 seconds or so... if I turn it off and on again, same thing.. this thing reeks of bad quality ( IMO ). I am online right now ordering a two notes torpedo cab simulator, I have some pedals around I can use with it. but in the meantime I will still gladly accept any advice.
  5. https://soundcloud.com/dmadness-451473856/bad-pod-hd
  6. here is a sound clip.. ( get ready for your ears to bleed ) . I dunno why but this site wont allow me to copy/paste a internet link
  7. settings on the pod are dual cabs ( treadplate ) drive at 40%, bass 50% mid 80% treb 65% pres and volume at 50% master at 50% settings are the same for both amps. using the 421 dynamic mics with phd ported cabs. the unit is warm enough I could melt butter on it for sure and it gets warmer the longer its on. sorry for the bad playing, it is impossible to play good with this sound. opening notes are low B. Crackle is very apparent, I am only playing power chords except for 5 seconds of the video where I play a few chords ( muted between ) and they all sound like the same noise . global Eq is On. settings low cut 100hz, low q 0.5 400 hz gain +2.0, mid q 7.5 freq. 700 hz gain -4, high q 5.0 freq 4.0khz gain -3 atudio/direct mode, line 2 set to mic I am only using a gate and a ping pong at 20ms before the amp, I know these settings are kinda off, but this is the way I got this terrible sound and honestly its the best sound so far.. also am pretty sure the sound sounds worse than a few hours ago when I made the patch . PS IS the original. guitar volume is a little over half. I also noticed I have some electronic artifacts sounds, power is on one side of this room and my guitar and cords are on the other but I can sometimes hear what sounds like my hard drive spinning, even thought he usb is not connected.. this seems odd to me. sounds do not disappear with other power supplys here or in other locations... it theres any more info that could be useable please let me know.
  8. hey, thanks for the quick responses.. I have tried lowering the volume on the mixing block and guitar, sound is still there. setting 2 is set to mic. this happens with only an amp and no effects what so ever in the chain.. even with amp settings low. anytime I even begin to approach a distorted tone it happens, there seems to be no headroom at all for "clean" distortion. I have played my guitar through a friends peavey and have no issues, so not the guitar. I am playing through an Ibanez Rg model, It originally had Active pickups in it which to me sounded sterile AND also had this same issue, I swapped them out for a crunch lab and a liquifire combo ( and tested on other amps also after ) and still have the issue... I had originally hoped that the active pickups were too hot and that was my issue.... sadly, no. I have also checked these headphones out on other amps, and I get no crackle.. I do believe the problem sounds like digital clipping but cannot seem to remedy it. I should note that this sound is present when I record anything on Reason. Ive also noted that the sound appears more when playing 3 or more strings, and more so on the higher registers and the low B string.. ( 7 string ) thanks for any help, its greatly appreciated.. I should also note that Electric guitar is newer for me as Ive only played electric for a year so im not as familiar with this stuff as acoustic which Ive played for over 20. is it common for the Desktop unit to get really warm when playing ?? as my hd bean does get quite warm, even hot at the guitar input when Im playing a long time
  9. So, Ive had this hd desktop unit for a while now and have been fighting to destroy a crackle that seems to always be present in high gain settings. I play metal, the sound I am referring to sounds like a broken speaker, I play mostly through headphones and use this unit to jam late at night so as not to disturb neighbours. my problem is that I have even tried downloading patches of all types and they ALL have this annoying crackle behind the main distortion, not that I can hear it my ears pick up on it quickly. anybody have a remedy for this? it seems to only be on high gain patches, or anytime I push an amp with distortion, even mildly. clean tones don't exhibit this characteristic at all..
  10. hi, I just went through this same process. when you are prompted to install the device make sure you look through the drop menu and install the drivers for ux1 etc. its there and is not on by defult ( seems kinda odd but.. ) it works fine now. just make sure you check through all the menus with the + and - drop down menus.. you must manually select the driver. works like a charm now .
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