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  1. The only part is there isn’t any 64bit version of anything. the Catalina article says the drivers should still work, but after installing the drivers I still cannot see it access my device in OS X for recording - it is not recognized at all as a sound input or output device at the OS level, nor at any other level, it’s not available as an option in GarageBand, or ableton. the pedal is useless on Catalina and that’s a major bummer. I got a new MacBook Pro, there is no option to revert back to an older OS version. please guys, help us out. I can’t buy a new pedal for this purpose alone, it’s simply not possible within my budget. Everything works in windows 10 fine, however Catalina/OS X is my preferred OS and i can’t be the only user or affected. Is there any technical support tech that could troubleshoot over the phone? I would require someone who has a similar set up or access to the same products.
  2. I tried, Line6 Monkey installs, but won't run because its built for 32 bit and my Mac OS is the latest, which only supports 64bit apps. I installed the driver manually, which "works", however the Line 6 X3 Live is not found in Mac OSX Catalina, and I can't record any audio through Ableton, it also doesn't come up as a device. Is there a 64 bit version of the driver to be made available sometime???
  3. Hey all, I just bought a new MacBook to start getting back into using my Line 6 Pod X3 Live and was going to start installing the drivers and software and stuff, but it looks like Line 6 Monkey does not install on this version of OSX. Is there a way for me to run the installer? I managed to get Line 6 License Manager no problem. But for some reason I can't get this. Is there any further support for software on this pedal?
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