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  1. cheers. Yes that's it, the platinum package, it came some time after I had the UX8, but the plugin was enabled from day one, thankfully. OK for pf2, so these 8 "new" models were only in the PodX3 unit? bottom page 24 & 25 : I have ALL the other models except these 8 ones. http://fr.line6.com/data/6/0a060b316ac34f0593be902d6/application/pdf/POD%20X3%20Model%20Gallery%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20B%20).pdf
  2. I bought the UX 8 in 2008, not really the end of the UX 8 ;) nothing in the "software addons" but Gearbox and podfarm 1 work as plugins for sure ! I use 10s of them on each project on a daily basis. if the 8 effects are not in the podfarm 2.5, no need to open a ticket. As for the link of the models of the pod X3 it's somewhere here but where ...dunno.
  3. I don't understand what you mean ? HD ? In the model gallery (which I found on this forum from a kind soul, as the one given with gearbox misses most of the models available) there are pictures of these 8 effects. I don't understand either. This sends me to my account, there's no option for plugin in there. Do you mean have I got anything when I click the line "Software Add-ons" ? I have the UX8 on the Registered Gear UX8 and 2 windows systems in the Authorized Devices
  4. Thanks for your reply. >>I’m assuming you did not have the plug-in version What I'm using is Gearbox as standalone and plugin, all the model packs are indeed unlocked. But I was looking at a document ( the model gallery of the Line 6 POD X3) that shows all the original amps, cabinets and effects that are modelled in Gearbox (and Podfarm I guessed) and there are 8 effects I don't have, some I wish I had : Barberpole Phaser, Script Phase, Voice Box & Vocoder That's why I wanted to try PF2.5 to see if I was getting these 8 effects ( the others are Pattern Tremolo, Octisynth, Pitch Vibrato, Dimension) Do you know if they come with PF2.5 ? I just searched the Helix Native, looks good.
  5. Thanks, shame it's not mentionned anywhere on Monkey or website links in the license manager. How do I upgrade ? can't find any way to do so.
  6. If I run it through my DAW it says "this device has a valid license but you need to run license manager to authorize it" which I do, but everything seems to be authorized, when I click on "my devices" it opens a web page listing my windows system and UX8, on "my software" it says "you haven't bought any"
  7. Hi, been using gearbox with a UX8 since 2010, I just did a fresh install of W7 x64 Running Monkey there are updates available, there's podfarm 1.12, and podfarm 2.59, I chose the 2.59, Monkey downloads the file and when saving on my HD, it says error saving download file reason (code 8000600B) incompatible file systems I downloaded directly the 2.57 (as I don't need W10 support) through the download page, installed it, and when trying to run podfarm2 it says Pod Farm failed to initialize L6TWXY framework. (code 0x8000e00a) When I run license manager, my UX8 is authorized and new w7 system too. Any help welcome, thanks!
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