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  1. "It's work to get rid of, and I wish I didn't have to do it too. Point is, I'm not sure there's any other way for them to do it. The "amp in the room"thing that so many lust after would require modeling a dizzying number of mic positions and distances in an 180 degree arc from the cabinet. In front, above, left, right.."As soon as these amp modellers start heading the direction that 2 Notes Torpedo is going with mic placement, and more importantly the addition of convolution reverbs that simulate the reverb that is generated from the mics placement, and location in the room you will have nearly solved the problems the current modelers face, with having to high cut, or low pass the frequencies that we can not stand. This is one of the defining features I feel is necessary for me to buy another modeller in the future. I currently went back to a real amp/ cab, and use the 2 Notes Torpedo live, or Reload, because I like the fact that if I want to I can use the 2 notes BlendIr software to copy my ideal cab, and mic placement if I so choose. It is not the most Ideal thing because I need a nice linear solid state power amp to create a IR/ Tur file that I can use that sounds pretty dang close to my real amp, which would then be sent to front of hall, and my real amp gets the thru jack sound, which allows me to have the real amp sound, live or just mute it entirely with the load box that the Live, or Reload has.
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