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  1. Right, haven't read anything that the wireless unit would power just itself, or since it would likely be a CAT5 connection, would the variax draw power from the wireless transmitters power supply. Or have they (line 6) been able to separate the power, so that the variax will use its battery, and the transmitter will use its own. For what its worth, last semester we did some report over blue/green algae. Its the new "Green" wireless energy creation of micro photosynthesis power cells. Kind of cool stuff... Has it been said how big these units (transmitter and receiver) would likely be? I'm envisioning Dr. Egon wearing a proton pack...or something along those likes lol
  2. I would be down as long as I can be powered, wireless for mags or modeled, and can control program changes from the helix/hd500x and in return control gain knobs/pitch shifter of amps from the assignable pot on the variax. Basically, letting me do everything I do now, but wireless! Count me in! For me, this would be the end all, be all. I use the hd500x and helix for separate places, two variax's. I just lack wireless. I would prefer not rack for the purpose of keeping it on my pedalboards/transportability between places. Thanks for polling the community!
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