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  1. I have relatively small hands. I have been playing the Gibson scale for decades and on my Tele and my Strat I replaced the necks with '59 Les Paul profile Warmoth necks with the "Warmoth" compound radius and the 24.75" scale length. When I bought my JTV-69 I tried to adjust to the neck shape (very thick, yet narrow and no compound radius). Never felt right. I just put a neck like above on it (I had one lying around). Had to drill out and fill the screw holes with maple dowels first. The JTV neck pocket was a little bigger than the Fender pocket (maybe 1 mm). Temporarily clamped it in place, drilled new holes and voila! I had to raise the saddles a little to match the radius and adjust the spring tension on the tremolo, but was shocked to find that the intonation was still spot on without any saddle movement forward/backward. If you like the '59 Les Paul Gibson neck feel, this is the way to go. Before doing this, I was considering sending the JTV back. Also spent a couple of hours tweaking the sounds in Workbench after updating the factory presets. It is now a very fine instrument. -beans
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