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  1. Do you have the trem decked or floating? I float all my trems and have little to no tuning problems. If the high strings ever do seem a bit out after aggressive bends or dives, usually just a pull up/down on the bar will reset you to the zero point.
  2. Ahh...I see...not the bridge so much as the pocket in the saddle that the piezo sits in...got it.
  3. Thanks all...interesting about the ground contact. So the saddle height adjustment screws is the ground contact? What about the screw to change intonation? I'll give it a cleaning and hope that works...problem is it has never done this before...didn't seem like bad contact while it was happening, it was just dead...nothing. Hope it's that simple...thanks!
  4. I've had my JTV 69S for a few years with no problems. Last night towards the end of our set my low E string went dead using the models. Worked fine with the mags but could not get it to make a sound using any models or tunings. This morning I got out my rig to check it out and it now works fine. I was almost hoping it would still be dead so I could figure out the problem but now it seems it may be intermittent which is hard to pinpoint. Hoping someone has experienced this or can offer advice. Thanks!
  5. Just got a G30 and I see references to an Advanced Guide and RF1 and RF2 The links shown in the Pilots Handbook don't work. What do I need to know and where do I find it? Thanks.
  6. I'd get a guitar amp. You're just learning. Don't complicate things. Plug in and practice.
  7. Yeah...the more I play it, the more I like it as a "regular" guitar. At rehearsal last night I only used the model/alt tuning for one song on my 69-S Rest of the night it played the part of a standard Strat.
  8. Yes. Page 10 of the Workbench manual. Magnetics Blend Use the Magnetics Blend control to blend in the magnetic pickups on your JTV guitar with your model. Magnetics Blend Preset Volume 0.0 dB Model Our magnetic pickups are hardwired to the 5-way/3-way switch in your Variax, so whatever pickups you have selected on your guitar will get blended in here. You could select an Acoustic 12 String model, for example, and mix in your magnetic pickups for a rich electric/acoustic blend. Note: The magnetic pickups on your Variax are not alt tuned by the Variax DSP, so best results can be obtained by blending your magnetics with standard or harmonically compatible tunings only
  9. Come on...nobody buys this type of guitar because they don't know how to tune a guitar. And even if they did, who cares? They aren't going to be out playing in any club I'd want to be in and they won't be putting out any music I'd care to listen to. I couldn't care less. I've played the Peavey AT and it was damn cool. I still tuned it up as close as I could get it, but we all know, or should know that a guitar is never perfectly in tune with itself. But...it was with the Peavey AT. Only reason I didn't buy it and got a JTV is the Peaveys piezos didn't sounds as good as the mags, which didn't sound as good as I would have liked. I'm a single coil Strat player and the PV's mag were just bland and thick...and of course, no modeling. The technology is here and I'd love to see it implemented in the JTV...doesn't mean you have to use it or are going to lose the ability to tune a guitar if you do.
  10. I'd like to see it. I played the Peavey AT and the auto tune function worked pretty good. Its not a question of being lazy and not knowing how to tune your guitar, its that your guitar is in tune all over the neck...any chord in any position sounds good. The Variax is like a computer and hopefully if they see enough demand they could impliment the auto tune function in a firmware update.
  11. I got a 69-S from SW. I ended up floating the bridge, altering the saddle heights and messing with the truss rod to get it to where I like it. I don't mind some fret buzz as you really don't hear it thru an amp, but the modeling aspect of these guitars doesn't like as much buzz as I normally would allow, so I adjusted to taste. Works fine now though the gap when switching pickups in modeling mode is annoying.
  12. I got my JT 69-S from Sweetwater with the HD upgrade installed, so no older patches involved. Its a distortion that only presents itself when an alternate tuning is used. That means it plays fine with no howling, whistling, warbling, buzz or distortion until the alt tuning is chosen. Then it is only present when a string is picked with force. Please listen to the audio example in post #5.
  13. Don't forget this important detail...it only occurs when switched to an alt tuning.
  14. Never mind...I reverted back to 1.9 and the thwack sounds are still there. I have discovered that I can get the same weird sounds on any model that is in an alt tuning, not just the acoustic. And only on the A and G strings. Like I said before, I have to drasticly alter my playing style get get it to "thwack", so I don't think this is really a problem for me. But having said that, I wouldn't think this is how it should work.
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